PA Lineman Nets Two Offers After Pitt Camp

Lancaster (PA) Conestoga Valley offensive lineman Travis Switzer was just looking to get to a camp, just to learn a few things and get some exposure. Less than a month after going to Pitt's prospect camp, Switzer has hauled in two offers.

Travis Switzer, initially, was hoping to get an offer from Pittsburgh by working out at its prospect camp. The Pitt staff did give Switzer some feedback. There's an outside shot that Pitt could offer. He did, however, did get two other offers, and is grateful for the opportunity Pitt provided for him to get the interest.

"It was great going to a camp where schools are going to be interested, other schools," Switzer said. "I didn't expect other schools to be there. They're competing against the rest of I-A. I was hoping to go to Pitt and get some looks. I didn't expect other I-A schools to be there. It turned out awesome."

Switzer, almost immediately after the camp, was offered by Buffalo and Akron. He went to Buffalo the next day after the Pitt camp, even though he was offered on the spot. He was at Akron at the end of last week.

"I stopped by (Akron's) stadium, and it is beautiful," Switzer said. "They offered me at the Pitt camp. The next day, I went to Buffalo. They popped up on my radar, and I got an offer from them. Their camp was all on their field. It was also very nice."

His decision might be a long way off, but for now Switzer is enjoying watching his interest take off, or at the very least, just have a pair of Division I offers in his hand. His initial interest in going to the Pitt camp, was to see if he could get an offer from the Panthers.

"They called my head coach," Switzer said. "They saw my film, but they wanted to see me in person. Before (the camp), I had three or four I-AA offers. That turned into two I-A offers, just from some minor contact."

Switzer wouldn't mind getting an offer from Pitt, still. He said the Panther coaching staff was up front and honest about their number crunch for the 2011 class.

"The impression I got from them, was they called my head coach the day after camp," Switzer said. "Pitt usually works through the head coach. I kind of like that, which is great. My head coach relays it to me, which is perfect. The message from Pitt was that they were very impressed. They just have to see, because of my height, I'm on the waiting list. They said they'll try to get to me, but they're not sure. I respected that. That's the truth, and I understand."

Switzer, who earned first-team All Lancaster Lebanon League honors as a junior, started off the summer with a camp at Temple. Since the Temple camp, Switzer feels he's put on some good weight--at least 10 to 15 pounds, and that the Owls might now jump into the picture a little more.

"I went to Temple, but that camp was early May," Switzer said. "My name was still getting out a little bit. I wasn't really anybody. They were recruiting me. They came into my school, in the spring, but I haven't heard much from them since."

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