Academics The Focus Of Jefferson's Visit

The decision becomes tougher for Pittsburgh (PA) Woodland Hills DE Quinton Jefferson. He spent Friday afternoon on Pitt's campus looking more at the academic side. He had his questions answered, but says the decision could get tougher.

Quinton Jefferson is already a unique prospect because of his talents on the football field. When he spoke of his academic interests, he also has a bit of a unique major. Friday, he went back to Pitt again, this time for strictly a meeting with some of the folks tied to his major--computer science.

"It went pretty good," Jefferson said of the visit. "I got to meet with the computer science people, and got a preview of what they had to offer."

One of the things, at least from Pitt's side, is they actually felt Jefferson might be scared away, at first.

"For the most part, with computer science, they thought I might be scared away because they didn't offer my major," Jefferson added. "They are showing me they did have what I wanted to go in to."

Jefferson would like a career in computer graphics, or graphics design. With most kids his age being pretty tech savvy, he felt Pitt was up to standard on what he was looking for.

"You have to pick a computer class and an arts class," Jefferson. "They keep up pretty well. They keep the technology up to date. I have always liked cartoons, so one day, I hope I can design my own cartoons or images for video games."

Jefferson also met with the head of the computer science department on his quick tour. At the end, he had a brief encounter with two current Pitt players who are playing at his position.

"I was just talking to Jabaal Sheard and Greg Romeus," Jefferson said. "It was an honor talking to them. I was kind of nervous, at first, because those are two guys who are going to be in the (NFL) draft next year. They were telling me what it's like. They were pretty informative."

Though the visit was good, it only added to Jefferson having an even tougher decision to make--one he still hopes to have out of the way before the season starts.

"It confused me some more for my decision," Jefferson said. "It's a tough decision. I'm just going to take everything in, think, and make a good conscience decision."

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