Wright Adjusting Well In First Summer

Pitt freshman Cameron Wright talks about what it's like getting a jump-start on college, playing in his first summer league, and the upcoming trip to Ireland for the basketball team.

Cameron Wright had no idea that the summer before his freshman year at Pitt would be so involved. Not even in to August, Wright will finish play in the Pittsburgh Basketball Club Summer Pro Am League this week, then he's off to Ireland shortly thereafter. Wright has averaged 10 points, 3.7 rebounds and 1.6 assists in seven games this summer.

"I feel like I've already been here for awhile, for as beat up as I am," Wright said. "It's been a pleasure so far. It's college. I'm far away from home, but I'm close enough when I need to go back. I love it here."

Of the upcoming trip to Ireland, Wright and his teammates are excited. Wright verbally committed to the Panthers last August. At the time, the trip to Ireland was unheard of. When he found out about it, after he was a Panther, it reinforced the decision he had made to attend school.

"At first, (the trip) wasn't confirmed, but a couple months before I got here, they said I'd be allowed to go, so I'm excited for the trip," Wright said. "A lot of teams don't go overseas. It's just a great opportunity."

This will be Wright's first trip overseas, so what's the first thing that pops into his head when he thinks Ireland?

"I have no impression," Wright said. "I'm just going over there open-minded, hoping to learn some new things."

Going back to the summer league, though it won't be anything near what he'll face in the Big East, should he play as a true freshman, Wright feels the pace of the league has helped him adjust. He named one thing that he has developed the most this summer.

"My court vision," Wright said. "I feel like I'm a team player first, but that can be a bad thing."

He's been playing a lot at the two-guard through the league, and in some of the pickup games with his teammates. If the season were to start today, that's where he sees himself.

"Right now, it seems like I'm at the two," Wright said. "I'm trying to watch Brad (Wanamaker) and Ash (Gibbs) as much as I can. Sometimes when I get a rebound, I'm aloud to push it. I need to know where I need to be in transition. It seems for the most part, I hope that I'll be playing the two, behind Brad, hopefully."

As for what makes him like the two, or at least want to compete for a spot there, Wright cited a couple things he feels he adds to the position.

"It's the will to want to make your teammates better, that's what I try to do," Wright said. "When I let them down, I try to pick myself back up to get them back."

The other thing, which he's shown consistently through the summer league, is his willingness to drive to the basket. Even if he misses on that drive, or can't get the look he wants, he knows how to create for someone else.

"I feel like I can get to the bucket every time to finish, be more aggressive," Wright said. "For the most part, I think I can get to the basket, try to create for people, and get the best shot."

Is there a possibility of playing the point or the three? And if not, what makes the two such a different position?

"I'm not sure about the three, but I'm sure I can guard the three," Wright said. "I definitely feel like I can play point guard if needed."

With just a handful of practices before the Ireland trip, the summer league winding down, as well as summer school, Wright feels, like he said, that he's been here awhile. There's also the conditioning that he's been able to take a part of, which has helped toughen him up for the college game more than anything. After a summer of what he's put himself through, it will be interesting to see where everyone on the Pitt team is in October, let alone a true freshman like Wright.

"We're jumping into it," Wright said. "My body is still beat up right now. I work out every day. This is something I have to get used to. I'm definitely getting in better conditioning right now, but I still have to pick it up."

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