Pitt Basketball Q&A

After claiming a championship win, Gibbs and Richardson talk about where they project themselves to be in the 2010-11 rotation, the upcoming Ireland trip, as well as who has impressed them the most this summer.

What do you take most from playing in the Pro-Am League?
"Just competing each and every single day. You just got to play your best and try to get a win. Of course, it helps us, just to play with those guys and at the same time to play against those guys."

What's the thing you wanted to work most on this summer?
"Work on my athleticism, and just be consistent, trying to play my best each and every time I come out on the court. That's just part of conditioning, and getting in shape, working on my shot, and my overall game."

What's it mean to be on the championship team?
"It means a lot, not only bragging rights against the Duquesne guys, but my own teammates as well. I got bragging rights for now. Wait til next year."

Of your own teammates, who impressed you the most?
"I think the freshmen. J.J. Moore is a great player. He works hard every day. Cameron Wright is a good player as well. If they come in and help us in practice, getting in the game, it's going to really take strides for us and bodes well for us."

Now as a junior, do you see yourself as a leader on this team?
"I always consider myself a leader because of my position at the point guard. It's not something new. At the same time, I want to keep being a team, and keep winning."

On the upcoming trip to Ireland?
"We're looking forward to it, definitely. It should be a great trip on and off the court."

Who's the toughest player you faced this summer?
"Most definitely, the toughest, I had to say playing against my own teammates, Gary (McGhee) and probably Dante (Taylor), are my biggest competition. We go against each other in practice every day. Then, to come out here and play in a live game, it's good competition to play against each other. It makes me better, and it makes them better."

"What's it mean to be on the championship team?
"It gives me all the bragging rights. Gary brags all the time. He won two, back-to-back. He wanted to win this one, so now I can kind of rub it in his face because I won a championship."

On the upcoming trip to Ireland?
"I'm super excited, just to go overseas and out of the country, the first thing. Then, to play in a league over there is even better. To be over there, me and my teammates, playing the game that I love."

Of your own teammates, who impressed you the most?
"Everybody. I can't just point out one person. Everybody, as a group, we all got better. Everybody's positioning, everybody's aspect of the game, we're working on it and getting better. We've just been getting better together as a team, and as individuals."

Where do you see yourself playing, position wise, in the upcoming season?
"I play just the four. Not (center) yet, just the four. Eventually, I'll be playing the three--the three and the four."

Why the four?
"At the four, I'm bigger than most fours, height-wise and just body weight-wise. I'm stronger than a lot of fours. If I play the five position, I'm smaller than a lot of fives, so I'm quicker. It works out both ways."

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