Green Reflects On Decision

Clairton (PA) defensive end Desimon Green had always planned on taking his five official visits, to get the full experience out of his recruiting process. Friday night, he decided it wasn't necessary, as he chose to stay close to home, and commit to the Pitt Panthers.

Desimon Green starts his fall camp at Clairton tomorrow. Though he expected to take his time with the decision, take the five official visits and maybe wait to the end of the season, it seemed right to just get it all out of the way now. Monday, his full focus will be on his senior season for the next few months.

"I'm relieved and excited," Green said. "I felt it was the right time, to tell (the Pitt coaches)."

Green decided to call his recruiting coach Greg Gattuso on Friday night to tell him the good news. The only problem was, he couldn't get a hold of Gattuso. He couldn't get a hold of any of the Pitt coaches. His only other resort was to call former Clairton teammate Kevin Weatherspoon, to relay a message to the coaches to have them call him.

"It's kind of funny, because I called the coaches, and no one was answering," Green said. "I had to have Kevin go inside, and tell (assistant director of football operations) Coach (Matt) Dudek, so I could break the news."

Eventually, he got through to Gattuso.

"(Gattuso) was, like, real excited," Green said. "He said, ‘I was kind of shocked.' He told me he thought they were losing me. He was real excited. I was too."

In the end, Green says, Pitt was number-one all along.

"They were the school to beat, it was the school to beat out--them and Texas Tech," Green said. "But, it was a home away from home. The only problem, is they have three defensive ends in one class. That's cool, but if they get another one, I'll think about things. Other than that, I'm fine."

Green plays both quarterback and defensive end, and even was recruited as a tight end and outside linebacker by some other schools. For Pitt, Green says he will start off at defensive end. He says he wouldn't mind playing another position, but he came to Pitt to play defensive end.

"At Pitt, I was just defensive end," Green said. "If I would have gone somewhere else, I could have played a couple positions."

When he looks at the program itself, it's no longer the feeling of having to rebuild the Pitt program. Many recruits who committed in the seasons before him, were sold the dream of competing for a Big East title. With seasons of nine and ten wins in consecutive seasons, Green says Pitt is on its way.

"I like the fact that they're on the rise," Green said. "The last three years, they've been getting better. Their defensive ends they have right now, they're awesome. I could be like them in a couple years."

Another factor in deciding on Pitt, was his familiarity with the campus and the practice facilities.

"I've been down there so much, I've seen everything, basically," Green said. "It's like my second home. I've been down there so much, I've seen everything I've needed to see."

Even before making his decision, Green was already attached to his fellow commits in this recruiting class. Though a lot of them were pulling for him to pick Pitt, Green was able to step aside and make his own decision.

"Me and Lafayette (Pitts), we've known each other for years," Green said. "Me and Quinton (Alston) text and stuff, we're all pretty good friends."

Again, as we've seen with other members of this 2011 class, Alston made sure to stay in contact with Green, throughout everything.

"It's pretty weird, because, even before I committed, Quinton Alston was texting me, and everything," Green said. "He was telling me about Pitt, and why he was talking about them on his visits. He just got that feeling. I talk to all of (2011 commits)."

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