Park Checks Out Pitt

Ian Park is claiming a verbal offer from Pitt. With Artie Rowell committed for the 2011 recruiting class, 2012 linemen such as Park, Frank Taylor and Kyle Kalis have claimed verbal offers from the Panthers.

While most prospects are just trying to enjoy their last weekend of summer, before getting into training camp, which eventually ties itself into the first day of school, Pittsburgh (PA) Upper St. Clair offensive lineman Ian Park, is already in football mode.

Park, who camped at Pitt, Ohio State and West Virginia this summer, took a trip down to Pitt's South Side practice facility, to watch practice on Saturday morning. It was his first time getting a chance to see a Division I practice up close.

"I just watched Coach Wise, seeing what his philosophy was, seeing what he does," Park said. "He definitely knows what he's doing. They stuff they did there, everything he teaches, is with great detail. He does a good job."

Coaching style is clearly a priority with him. Seeing the facility, or the locker rooms, maybe. Clearly, he came to see how Tony Wise coaches.

"I was right up and close to the linemen, off to the side," Park said. "I think they're going to have a good year. They have quite the facilities, but they seem like they know how to be prepared for the season, the way they're getting ready."

Pitt seems to rank at the top right now, and seems to have shown him the most interest. Ohio State and West Virginia are also on the list, but haven't shown as much interest, nor have they verbally offered the way Pitt has.

"Definitely, they're at the top of my list," Park said. "I was at Ohio State, and it was pretty good. They liked me. They wanted me to send them a couple game (films) this year. I went to West Virginia a little bit. It was pretty good. They have nice facilities as well."

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