One On One With Markus Crider

Keno Davis and the Providence got a commitment from Markus Crider '11 of Wayne (OH) on Tuesday, and ScoutFriars caught up to him for an in-depth interview.

The 6-foot-6 and a half, 202-pound small forward is the first member of the Friars' 2011 recruiting class. spoke to Crider last night to get his thoughts on the commitment.

"Just the style of play, the guys who are there, the coaches, the guys who will be there when I'm there, the community," Crider said of how he picked Providence.

Crider took just one official visit, to Providence this past weekend. He did not have any others scheduled, and decided to pull the trigger before making more trips.

"I really used to think I wanted to take all five visits, but Coach Chris Davis came to . . . watch [me play]," Crider said. "Talking to Coach Davis, talking to my dad, something with Coach Keno Davis felt different, something felt right. And then when we went there . . . everything felt great, it was where I wanna be."

Crider said that both of the PC coaches came to Ohio to watch him workout, including once together.

"Coach Chris Davis came one week and the next week Coach Keno Davis and Coach Chris Davis came," Crider said, adding that those were indeed his two main recruiters from the Big East school.

Asked what his other finalists were, Crider replied, "To tell you the truth . . . I never really narrowed it down. All the schools were open, but when I went [to Providence] I felt like this is where I wanted to be."

Crider noted that he had scholarship offers from DePaul, Wisconsin, Michigan, Dayton, Nebraska, and more.

"I can't even remember [all the schools that offered]," Crider said. "I'm so excited right now still."

Providence is a school that has not actually been involved in Crider's recruitment for all that long.

"When I came home from the July [Live Evaluation] Period," Crider said of when the Friars got involved.

Crider actually let the PC coaching staff know on Monday that he was going to pledge to the program.

"I [told the] coach that I was going to commit and then we made it official today," he explained, adding what the staff's reaction was when he committed. "They were ecstatic, congratulating me, welcoming me in."

The newest Friar elaborated on Head Coach Keno Davis' reaction to his commitment to the PC program.

"He was overjoyed," Crider said. "He kept saying he was restless. His wife was asking, ‘Do you think [Crider] would come there?'"

Crider has also had a chance to inform the current Friars that he will be joining the team next year.

"I know all of them, I texted all of them [Monday] night," Crider said. "I told Coach Davis I was coming and I texted all of them and told them I committed."

On which player he is closest with, Crider said, "I can't say I'm more close to one or the other. I hung out equally with all of them."

When he was on his official visit to Providence, there were three different players who showed him around.

"The first night I got there it was Dre Evans and the second day in the afternoon, it was Lee [Goldsbrough] and at night it was Brice [Kofane]," Crider said.

The Buckeye State standout plans to try to work on some other players to join him at the Big East school.

"I mean I need some teammates, that's the way I see it," Crider explained. "I need some people in my class to come in and play with me, so I'm gonna talk to coach and see who I can reach my hand out to, some seniors in my class and give my views on my official visit there."

Crider has not yet reached out to anyone, but there is one player he read is going to visit PC and he plans to get in touch with him.

"Not yet, but I do believe they have—I've seen something on Twitter about Mike Chandler taking a visit there," Crider said. "I'm gonna hit him up on Twitter [and I will] . . . give him my view, tell him how the city was."

Crider feels a sense of relief now that he has his decision behind him and he is done with the recruiting process.

"It seems like a lot of stress is relieved," he said. "Coaches were coming in everyday, now you already know open gym will be a lot emptier now that I know where I'm going."

The Providence coaching staff has told Crider what his role on the team will be, and he sees some similarities to a current Friar.

"Coach Keno came and put it on the table, said they looking for a wing in my class," Crider said. "Me and Marshon [Brooks] are like twins. I'm a little taller."

Has the staff told him what to expect when it comes to playing time as a freshman? "They said they see me being able to come in and play, but I already know that's [about] how much work you put in [during] the offseason."

Crider already has some goals for his collegiate career, and they are not simple ones in the least.

"I'm trying to do everything possible goals-wise, National Player of the Year, everything," he said. "[I am] trying to be the best."

Before college, Crider has one more season of high school basketball, for which he also has some major goals.

"All-state, Mr. Basketball, couple triples doubles, state championship," Crider reeled off when asked what he hopes to accomplish this season.

"I'd have to say the strength of [my game] wouldn't be one thing," Crider said. "It would be the ability to provide something for every aspect of the game . . . I can rebound, putback, [hit the] jumpshot, run the floor, [get] dunks, tip-dunks, assists, [and] steals."

There is one particular aspect of his game that Crider thinks needs the most work to become more well-rounded.

"I'd see what needs most improvement would be being more efficient with the long ball," Crider said. "When that happens I'll be more of a threat with the defense. Not that I'm not a threat now, but when I can shoot the three . . . it'll be hard for teams to focus [on] my shooting, my dribbling ability, getting to the rim, and finishing."

Asked if he has a message for Providence fans, Crider remarked, "I'd have to say thank all of them fans for letting me become part of the Friar family and go PC, go Friars. And I will be wearing the number 33 my freshman season."

How did Crider decide on 33? "Multiple reasons," he said. "My mom had three children and I was number three. My sister ending up having three kids, so I ended up switching it up to number 33. My dad's friend said I can do it all . . . and started calling me Scottie Pippen [who wore 33] and it fits my name, MC33."

Before getting off the phone, Crider has just one thing to add, saying, "I'm just excited to be [a part of] Friar Nation."

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