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Providence went into Texas for its point guard of the future, as the Friars recently picked up a commitment from Kyan Anderson of North Crowley High School. The 5'11, 160-pounder is the second commitment for PC in the class of 2011, joining Markus Crider.

"Comfortable with what they had going there and just the situation, I felt it was the best sit for me," Anderson said of how he decided on Providence. "Get the academic side, and the Bg East, playing Big East basketball made me really want to do it."

Anderson also considered Oklahoma State and Ole Miss, both of which offered him scholarships. While he had previously taken unofficial visits to North Texas, Baylor, and Oklahoma, Providence was Anderson's lone official trip.

The Lone Star State lead guard talked about how he and his family knew Providence was the right fit and why he opted not to take any other official visits.

"We've always been talking about it," Anderson said. "We just felt like this was probably the best look. It wasn't like we didn't have didn't know anything about the other schools, we knew the situation, knew what we was doing. [We just] felt Providence was the best situation for me, best academic situation for me. [We] just felt if I go and like it, then go. So, meeting with my family [helped with that]."

The main coach from PC who recruited Anderson was Chris Davis, and Anderson discussed his relationship with the assistant coach.

"We have a pretty good relationship," Anderson said. "I think he first started recruiting me, I wanna say sophomore year. I just had relationship with him throughout the year. I just really got to know him from talking to him, but our relationship is good. [He is a] very humorous guy."

Anderson also developed a relationship with head coach Keno Davis, especially during his official visit this past weekend.

"Keno Davis and I talked, he was with me most of my trip," Anderson said. "He was real, he was real, he was the same way. [The coaches] are all cool people; we see eye to eye on a lot of things. We were just joking and stuff so that was pretty good. On the court he is a different type of coach. He can help me with a lot of things, so just being comfortable around them made it a lot easier."

Anderson made his verbal commitment while at PC on his visit and said Keno Davis was happy to hear it.

"When I told him, his face just lit up when I said it," Anderson said. "Yeah, they were real excited."

On what the staff told him his role on the team would be, Anderson remarked, "Just to come in and just have an impact early, show leadership, be composed. They're expecting me to play early, show leadership and bring energy, help as much as I can."

Asked if he knows any current Friars, Anderson replied, "I know Dre Evans, who's from here, from Dallas Carter, and I recognized a couple of the other ones from AAU basketball and things like that."

While on his visit at PC, Anderson said he was hosted by Evans and Xavier Davis, Chris Davis' son.

Anderson said that while he knows fellow commit Markus Crider, the Buckeye State forward did not recruit him to PC.

"Not at all, I had never really heard from him before the visit or anything like that, just from talking to him at tournaments and things like that," Anderson said. "I had just found out on my visit that he had committed, but he had never really asked me to come or anything like that."

Will Anderson try to recruit others to join him at the Big East school? "Oh yeah . . . I'm gonna try and see what I can do, help the organization like that," he said. "I don't have any [particular players] in mind right now or anything like that, but I'm definitely gonna try."

"Oh, it feels good, almost like a relief," Anderson said of how it feels to have his recruitment behind him. "It's been a long process, so I finally get it over with. I can focus on other things [I have wanted] to focus on, so it felt good."

Although he does not yet have any goes for his collegiate career, Anderson does know what he wants to accomplish his senior year of high school.

"Just to come out and just play the best I can play, get as much wins as possible, [and have] a good state run," Anderson said.

The undersized floor general talked about his game, both his strongest and weakest points.

"Strongest point of my game as of right now, I'd have to say my speed, I do a lot through my speed which makes things a lot easier, and being able to score the ball," Anderson said.

As for his primary weaknesses, Anderson commented, "Probably just a couple of defensive things, like being in the right place, you know help, a lot of defensive things. I would say my defense, I have bad habits on defense . . . There are some things that I do on defense that I feel I can get better at."

Anderson provided a parting message to give to Providence fans before hanging up the phone.

"I just wanna say it's gonna be exciting," he said. "I'm gonna come in there, I'm gonna do my best, I'm gonna give it my all, [and I am] gonna bring excitement. [There are] gonna be a lot of oohs and ahhs to come."

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