PC Elite Camp Recap

PC message boards over the past few weeks have been filled with concerns over which recruits are going to visit PC's campus and when. Saturday may have gone a long way to alleviate some of those concerns as PC hosted their Elite Camp at the Peterson Recreation Center.

This event was a great opportunity for the staff to spend an entire day interacting with many of the top New England and Northeast recruits. When all is said and done I would imagine at least 25 of these kids will wind up in high major programs.

The day started off with Providence College Strength and Conditioning Coach Ken White along with Tyler Harris putting the players through a group of conditioning drills that the Friars typically utilize during their training. Then the coaching staff, along with Harris and God Shammgod put the players through a lengthy series of drills and scenarios. Coach Ed Cooley was really in his element here and you just see him relating to these kids. When the drills were finished, there was a series of 5-on-5 games where the players could show off their stuff.

Here are some of the players who caught my eye:

1. Paschal Chukwu – 7'1 Fairfield Prep (CBC) Paschal is very athletic for his size and is already a defensive presence. He had a couple of vicious dunks and had the play of the day on an absolutely incredible block. He was on Coach Cooley's team for the 5-on-5's and Coach was spending a lot of time with him.

2. Jeremy Miller – 6'9 New Hampton Prep (Mass Rivals) Jeremy continues to show improved athleticism and a nice outside touch. He needs to continue to improve down low but he has an extremely high ceiling if he keeps on working.

3. Josh Sharma – 6'11 2015 Lexington High (Mass Rivals) At 6'11 Josh already has all the basic tools including great athletic ability and a nice outside shot. He needs to put on weight and he will. Josh is going to be a special player.

4. Donovan Mitchell – 6'3 2015 Canturbury CT (The City) Donovan may have been the best player there and according to Hoops Dream Magazine, received an offer from the staff while he was there. Coach Cooley and Coach Andre Lafleur spent an awful lot of time with him and his coaches after the 5-on-5 games. It is obvious they are very serious about him.

5. Terrence Mann - 6'5 2015 Tilton (BABC) Terrence has all the tools. He made a couple of really great plays when I was watching and it will be fun watching him develop at Tilton over the next couple of years.

6. Bonzie Colson – 6'5 2014 St. Andrews (BABC) Bonzie has great low post moves but is undersized. If he grows a couple of inches (which is a distinct possibility), he will definitely be high major material.

Unfortunately there were no rosters or numbers so there were other players out there that are going to be impact players that PC will be after, but I had to concentrate on the players that I recognized or that were pointed out to me.

Other observations:

1. AAU – This was not only a great opportunity to bring in recruits but was also a great time for the staff to network with the AAU programs that brought their players here, including Expressions, BABC, The City, Mass Rivals, etc… It is important to foster and continue to build relationships with these programs.

2. Coach Cooley – This was a great opportunity for Coach to show off his personality. What a great recruiting tool this is for the program. It is all about building up long term relationships with the kids and that is exactly what this does.

3. Expressions – Malik Abu, Jared Terrell, and Alec Brennan were not able to make it but the Expressions staff brought in a few younger kids that are going to be making some big noises in the next couple of years. Wow!

4. Keeping it in the family: both Tyler Harris's brother (Terry 6'5) and Soup Campbell's son were campers here and both held their own. It will be interesting to see them develop over the next couple of years.

5. I would like to thank Coach Lafleur for the great hospitality he showed me. It was very much appreciated!

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