CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – Abdul-Malik Abu is one of the better frontcourt players in the nation in the class of 2014.

And he just so happens to be a fairly local prospect for Providence College, as he hails from nearby Boston.

The power forward, who attends Kimball Union Academy (NH), has been making the rounds of the New England colleges, including PC.

"Unofficially I've visited schools around me," Abu said while at NBPA Top 100 Camp. "I live in Boston, [so I've been to] UConn, Boston College, Providence, like those schools all around."

Abu has yet to take any official visits and talked about whether he has any trips in the works.

"None planned yet," Abu said, "but definitely, definitely early fall I'm going to take some visits."

The 6-foot-8, 235-pounder, who lists an offer from Providence, said that his visit to the school came "last year maybe."

Abu went on to talk about what his trip to the Providence campus was like.

"It was great. Ed Cooley is a great head coach," Abu said. "He's very highly interested in me and I'm his number one priority right now, so I just take that into great consideration. It's a great place, great campus, great people."

Asked what it means to hear he is the number one priority for the PC head coach, Abu replied, "It means a lot. It's a lot of pressure. I just want to live up to it and be the best player I can be."

Abu also talked about whether he is familiar with any of the players who are a part of the Friar program.

"Yeah, I know a couple of the guys," Abu said. "I'm familiar with the team because I live close by, but [it is a] great group of guys."

Despite that, Abu said that none of those players are in his ear about joining them at Providence.

"No, no guys individually," Abu said. "Ed Cooley does most of my recruiting."

As for his recruitment as a whole, Abu said that he does "not at all" have any favorites at this point in time.

When asked about who has offered him thus far, Abu preferred not to mention schools by name.

"I have many, many offers. See, this is what happens, I get that question asked and then I forget someone and I get in trouble," Abu said. "So what I've come to do now is name conferences, like SEC, I have really most of the ACC, Big Ten, Big XII a lot.

"So I have most of the high-major conferences, most of them I have all offers from. What I'm doing right now is just, I'm enjoying the process, I'm just trying to be a kid for a little bit longer because when the time comes everything is just business. So, I'm just having fun and enjoying the process."

Abu did mention that there is one school that is coming at him with the most vigor as of now.

"I'd say who's coming at me the hardest, one school, I'll say Florida is coming at me the hardest," Abu said.

Of why he went with the Gators, Abu remarked, "They've come to watch me during the Live Period a couple times and they're really, really interested in the player that I can be potentially."

Abu does not have a timetable for a commitment right now.

"Not yet," he said. "Anything can change on any given day, so I'm just having fun."

While he may not know when he plans to make a decision, Abu does know what he is looking to in a school.

"Tradition," Abu began, "defense and a group of guys who are just a good family and want to win just as much as I do."

Abu also spoke about the type of player that he is when he steps on the court, starting with his main strength.

"Leadership, I just want to make sure my team is just in the right position [and that] everybody is vocal," Abu said. "I think that's my strongest part of my game."

As for the other side of things, Abu said, "Weakest part of my game—well, not really aggressiveness, but asserting myself. My unselfishness is probably my biggest weakness. I like to give to the ball up a lot when I can get a bucket or score or like assert myself, but for the most part I don't see that as a weakness, but it's a habit that I can use to better me."

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