Fazekas' Coach Speaks About Commitment

Ryan Fazekas visited Providence for Late Nite Madness and committed to the Friars shortly after. Here, Fazekas' coach, Donovan Garletts speaks about his prized player.

Ryan Fazekas, a member of the 2015 recruiting class, announced his decision to play for Ed Cooley and the Providence Friars on Tuesday. He is the first player to commit for the 2015 class, continuing the momentum from a nationally-ranked 2014 class. And the sentiments echoed by Marquette Catholic High School head coach Donovan Garletts illustrates exactly the type of person Ed Cooley continues to try and bring to Providence.

""He's a far better person than a basketball player...and he's an incredible basketball player," Garletts began. "He has a 3.7 GPA, takes all upper level courses, and his work ethic is second to none. At 17 he owns his own business."

Coach Cooley has always made it a point to recruit not only top talented basketball players, but top talented people. With players like Kris Dunn and LaDontae Henton serving as ambassadors for what this program stands for on the court and off the court, it's no surprise that Fazekas would catch Cooley's eye early.

But Fazekas is more than just a good person off the court. When asked about Fazekas as a player, Garletts had only positives. "He plays like a coaches son, even though he's not one. He handles the ball and shows leadership. He can run the floor."

With Fazekas' work ethic is reflective of the type of player Cooley can mold into a true talent, capable of producing in a league as fierce as the Big East. Garletts recognized that Cooley would be well suited for Fazekas career athletically and personally.

"[Cooley] is a great guy," Fazekas said. "He brought a renewed spirit for life and had to undergo a major surgery [fixing PC]. He really values the lives of his players outside of the court too."

Much like Garletts, Fazekas recognized this during his recruitment with Providence. "He's very mature for a 17 year old."

When asked about helping Fazekas with his recruitment, Garletts noted that he didn't need it. "He knew [he wanted to go to Providence]."

While it's not unheard of for a player to commit almost two years before setting foot at a school, there's always a bit of a surprise when it happens that early. Fazekas knowing he wanted to play for Providence factored in, but now that his recruitment process is over Fazekas wants to use the extra time to get more prepared for the next level of competition he'll be facing.

"There's no distractions now," Garletts said, referring to the recruiting process ending for Fazekas. "Ryan can focus on improving rather than taking time away to visit schools and go through the recruitment process."

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