Lineup by Lineup: Binghamton

So far this season, Friar fans have seen frantic lineup changes and a variety of combinations, especially in the first halves of games. But which lineups have been the most productive?

The Friars' game against Binghamton was one of runs for both teams. In PC's 66-45 win, Providence got off to a 17-3 start, but Binghamton used a 26-16 ending to pull within 4 at the half. In the second half, PC took advantage of an ice-cold opponent and a 29-3 start created an insurmountable 62-32 lead with seven minutes to play. Binghamton closed the game with a 13-4 run.

What follows is a chronological listing of the substitutions that Coach Ed Cooley made in each half, along with the scoring that happened in the time that each lineup was on the floor.


Cartwright-Dunn-Henton-Harris-Desrosiers: 6-3
Lindsey-Dunn-Henton-Harris-Desrosiers: 2-0

Lindsey-Dunn-Henton-Harris-Bentil: 2-0
Lindsey-Dunn-Henton-Lomomba-Bentil: 1-0
Lindsey-Dunn-Desrosiers-Lomomba-Bentil: 2-0
Lindsey-Cartwright-Desrosiers-Lomomba-Harris: 0-0
Dunn-Cartwright-Desrosiers-Lomomba-Harris: 2-0
Dunn-Cartwright-Desrosiers-Henton-Harris: 0-0
Dunn-Cartwright-Chukwu -Henton-Harris: 2-0
Dunn-Lindsey-Chukwu -Henton-Harris: 2-2
Dunn-Lindsey-Chukwu -Henton-Lomomba: 0-3
Dunn-Lindsey-Desrosiers -Henton-Lomomba: 6-4
Harris-Lindsey-Desrosiers -Henton-Lomomba: 0-2
Cartwright-Lindsey-Desrosiers -Henton-Lomomba: 0-2
Cartwright-Bancroft-Desrosiers -Henton-Lomomba: 2-4
Dunn-Lindsey-Harris-Bentil-Chukwu: 2-2
Cartwright-Henton-Harris-Bentil-Chukwu: 4-5
Lindsey-Henton-Harris-Bentil-Desrosiers: 0-2


Cartwright-Dunn-Henton-Harris-Desrosiers: 6-1
Cartwright-Lindsey-Henton-Harris-Desrosiers: 10-2
Dunn-Lindsey-Henton-Harris-Bentil: 12-0
Dunn-Lindsey-Lomomba-Harris-Bentil: 1-0
Dunn-Lindsey-Lomomba-Chukwu-Bentil: 4-9
Cartwright-Lindsey-Lomomba-Chukwu-Bentil: 0-4
Cartwright-Woodring-Bancroft-Chukwu-Planek: 0-0


Dunn +26
Henton +25
Harris +24
Desrosiers +14
Lindsey +12
Cartwright +11
Bentil +6
Lomomba -10
Chukwu -11

Several things become obvious that are factually different than the perception that many fans may have had.

First, Kris Dunn and Kyron Cartwright played very well together. The team was very effective for stretches with both on the floor. Second, Cooley dramatically decreased his substituting in the second half, for the second game in a row. And third, the final group of walk-on subs - Casey Woodring, Ted Bancroft and Tom Planek - did not allow Binghamton to cut into the lead at the end. That happened with Dunn, Cartwright, Ben Bentil, Paschal Chukwu, Jalen Lindsey and Junior Lomomba on the court.

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