Due to the unexpected transfer of center Paschal Chukwu, the Providence coaching staff has hit the recruiting trail in search of frontcourt help this spring.

One addition was made last week with the commitment of power forward Quadree Smith from IMG Academy in Florida. Quadree was a new name to most Friar fans when he visited two weekends ago, so ScoutFriars spoke to him to find out more about the new Friar big man.

ScoutFriars: What is your current height and weight? I understand you’ve lost a lot of weight.
Quadree Smith: I'm 6-8, but I have a 7-2 wingspan. I got all the way down to 250 lbs, but added muscle which made me about 265 or so. Now I'm focusing on my core. My playing weight should be 260. It's June, nobody should be worried. I'm trimming down and then adding muscle, it's not easy but I work hard.

SF: What were your stats this year at IMG Academy?
QS: About 13 pts and 16 rebounds. I had a very strong year, my team was unranked when the season started.

SF: I know you guys played good competition. Who did you face off with this year besides Marcus Derrickson from Brewster and Mamadou Diarra from Putnam?
QS: You gotta ask my coach, he will give you a long list. I just play, I don’t care about rank. I go right at you with zero fear, 100% heart.

SF: What would you consider to be your biggest strengths, as well as biggest areas to work on?
QS: My biggest strengths are my will to win …check my record …my heart, my willingness to be coached, being a great teammate, toughness, hard working. What I need to work on is just getting in the best shape of my life but still keeping my identity on the basketball court, that's important.

SF: Could you explain what went into the decision for your high school changes?
QS: The coach that recruited me at Carroll left just before the season started, I stayed anyway. The new coach told me he wanted his own people in place, so I went somewhere I was wanted.

My mom took me out of Paul VI because of educational reasons. I would travel 4 hrs to get to school and I didn't have much study time left. The travel over 2 1/2 years took a toll on me and my grades. A lot of people think it was about basketball, but really it wasn't. I would get home at 11 pm every school night. I had to do homework, it might be 1am before I was done, then I had to turn around and get back up by 4am. My mom did right by me because my grades picked up right away because there was no real travel time any more. I got proper rest, that was very important.

Potomac was my local school, it was 10 minutes away so I was home really.

IMG Academy was a choice I made to get ready for college because I was so young. Now I'm 19, bigger, faster and stronger.

SF: Sounds like you were getting more high major interest lately, such as Rutgers?
QS: Yeah, but people forget I had high major offers last year. I was on the board because I was in China. Rutgers has been calling since last year.

SF: Could you tell me some about that trip to China?
QS: I was in China for 3 weeks on a 5 city tour. My team won 4 out the 5 cities we played, a lot of Nations. They really love basketball over there. Learning the international game was good for my basketball IQ, it helps me grow.

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