With 2017 recruiting largely complete, barring unforeseen departures, PC turns it's attention to the Class of 2018, and there are some gems to be found.

With the bulk of recruiting done for the Class of 2017, Ed Cooley and staff have been hitting the road hard in search of talent in the 2018 class. Providence has been mentioned with numerous juniors; some more seriously than others. What follows is a list of prospects that have, at least passingly, been mentioned with PC, and includes those who are being pursued by Cooley and Company.




*JERMAINE HARRIS … Offer, ****
Rock Creek Christian Academy, MD, PF, 6-9, 210

Schools: Providence, Penn State, Rutgers, Virginia Tech, Seton Hall, URI


*JAKE FORRESTER ... Offer, Scout NR, ***
Westtown School, PA, PF, 6-7, 210
Schools: Providence, Indiana, Temple, Richmond, St. Joseph's, Rice, Penn State


Cretin-Durham Hall School, MN, C/PF, 6-10
Schools: Providence, Michigan St., Kansas, Minnesota


*NATE LASZEWSKI ... Scout NR, ***

Northfield Mt. Herman, SF/PF, 6-9, 200
Schools: Providence, Duke, Indiana, Iowa, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Virginia, Michigan


Putnam Science Academy, CT, C, 7-2


*JALEN SMITH ... Offer, Scout #5 PF, E #7 PF, 91, *****
Mount St. Joseph HS, MD, PF, 6-8, 190
Schools: Providence, Maryland, Marquette, Miami


*NAZREON REID ... Scout NR, E #5 PF, 93, *****
Roselle Catholic, NJ, PF/C, 6-9
Schools: Providence, UConn, Kansas, Syracuse, Iowa, Villanova, Seton Hall, Oklahoma, Maryland, LSU


With center Dajour Dickens and power forward Nate Watson safely signed in the Class of 2017, and current Friars Emmitt Holt (junior) and Kalif Young (freshman) set to return next season, post players are not high on the Friars’ wish list at this point. As a result, only seven such players have been identified and only three known offers are out among Class of 2018 posts. Unless something drastic happens, don’t expect a post in the next class… unless you consider Hameir Wright a power forward. At this point, we have Wright as a wing/combo forward, but if he wanted to commit, PC would take him


*KIYON BOYD… Offer, Scout #14 SG, E #14 SG, 87, ****

Woodson High, Wash. DC, SG, 6-5, 210

Schools: Providence, Tulane, Arizona State, Washington, SMU, Missouri, Xavier, Miami, Texas A&M, Maryland, VCU, Florida, Auburn, Baylor, Penn State, Virginia Tech, Louisville, Georgetown, Cincinnati


*JOHN NEWMAN III … Offer, Scout #17 SG, E #32 SF, 82, ***

Greensboro Day School, NC, SG/SF, 6-6, 177

Schools: Providence, Clemson, Cincinnati, Wake Forest, BC, Old Dominion, Charlotte


*BRANDON SLATER ... Scout #3 SG, E #10 SG, 88, ****
Paul VI, VA, SG, 6-5, 180
Schools: Providence, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Villanova, Virginia, West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Miami, So. Carolina, Louisville


*KEYONTE JOHNSON ... Offer, Scout NR, ***
IMG Academy, FL, SF, 6-5, 190
Schools: Providence, Old Dominion, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Maryland


**KHAVON MOORE ... Offer, Scout #5 SF, E #2 SF, 92, *****

Westside High, GA, SF, 6-8, 195
Schools: Providence, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Maryland, NC State, Oklahoma, St. John's, Wake Forest, Tennessee


*JEENATHAN WILLIAMS ... Offer, Scout NR, E #28 Sf, 84, ****
University Prep Charter, NY, SG/SF, 6-5, 190
Schools: Providence, Buffalo, Maryland, Niagara, URI, Rutgers, St. Louis, St. Bonaventure


New Hartford High, NY, SF, 6-7
Schools: Providence, Hofstra, Iona, Manhattan, URI, St. Bonaventure, Towson, VCU


Bishop Kearney High, NY, SF, 6'6
Schools: Providence, Buffalo, Canisius, Iona, UNC-Greensboro, Vermont


**HAMEIR WRIGHT ... Offer, E #11 PF, 87, ****
Albany Academy, NY, PF/SF, 6-8, 205
Schools: Providence, Villanova, Maryland, Miami, Virginia Tech, Syracuse


*WILL DILLARD ... Scout NR, ***
Greensboro Day School, NC, SG, 6-3, 185
Schools: Providence, Clemson, Old Dominion, St. Joseph's, Tulsa, Virginia Tech


**COLE SWIDER ... Offer, Scout NR
St. Andrew's, RI, SF, 6-7, 190
Schools: Providence, BC, Butler, Davidson, George Washington, Marquette, Miami, Michigan, Rutgers, St. Louis, Virginia, Xavier, URI


**ERIC AYALA ... Offer, Scout #15 SG, E #12 SG, 86, ****
Putnam Science Academy, CT, SG, 6-4, 180
Schools: Providence, Syracuse, Miami, Purdue, Indiana, Kansas, St. John's, Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, Seton Hall, Temple, UConn, Villanova, USC


*KELDON JOHNSON ... Offer, E #3 SF, 93, *****
Park View School, VA, 6-4, 175, SF
Schools: Providence, Cincinnati, Georgetown, NC State, Penn State, Texas, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest


*TYREK CHAMBERS ... Offer, Scout NR
Christ The King High, NY, SG, 6-2, 170
Schools: Providence, Cincinnati, Iona


**A.J. REEVES ... Offer, Scout NR, 87, ****
Brimmer & May, MA, SG, 6-4, 190
Schools: Providence, Boston College, Temple, Fairfield, Louisville, UConn, UMass, Michigan, URI, Rutgers, Villanova, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Xavier


St. James High, MD, SF, 6-6


*MONTEZ MATHIS ... Scout NR, E #22 SG, 85, ***

John Carroll School, MD, SG, 6-4, 190
Schools: Providence, Maryland, Memphis, St. John's, West Virginia, Indiana, California, Pittsburgh, Kansas St., NC State, Kansas, Virginia Tech, Villanova, Washington


Parc-Extension, CAN, SG, 6-3, 195
Schools: Providence, Virginia, Ohio State


Ashbury College, CAN, SF, 6-6


This is where it gets interesting for Providence. The Friars have lacked an explosive scorer, a player who can create his own shot and put points on the board in a hurry from the two-guard position during Ed Cooley’s tenure. Accordingly, with post players seemingly taken care of, the staff is concentrating on wings and backcourt players for the Class of 2018.


While Rodney Bullock (redshirt junior) certainly provides valuable minutes and scoring from the small forward position, Bullock could choose to leave after the current season.  Jalen Lindsey (junior) has seen his offensive game come around but will only be in the program for one more season. The Friars do have Alpha Diallo (freshman), Ryan Fazekas (sophomore), Drew Edwards (sophomore), Isaiah Jackson (transfer sophomore) and Ricky Council (sophomore) at either small forward or the two-guard, but, aside from Diallo, who looks promising, the jury is still out on the others. Fazekas is a hot and cold shooter, Edwards may redshirt due to a knee injury that has put him behind, Jackson has shown offensive limitations and Council barely can get off the bench.


Providence has been mentioned with a slew of wing forwards and shooting guards and expect at least one of these, or others yet mentioned, to join the program. Among the 11 offers, there are some intriguing possibilities.


There had been talk about a month ago about Eric Ayala reclassifying back to the Class of 2017, and if he did, PC would certainly be interested. However, that talk has quieted down and Syracuse was the school pushing him the hardest to reclassify. Khavon Moore is a highly rated wing from Georgia who has already visited Providence and would be a home run. Hameir Wright, as previously discussed, is a combo forward and is pursued by Villanova and others. The Friars have shown interest in Montez Mathis and two New Englanders are sparking the imagination of Friar fans.


A.J. Reeves is displaying maturity on the court and a subsequent uptick in his recruitment. A standout at Brimmer & May, Reeves has strong pursuit from UConn and pro body and all-around game. Cole Swider hails from St. Andrew’s in Rhode Island, has been at multiple Friar home games and possesses a pure outside jump shot that would be a welcome addition to the Providence arsenal. Despite being local, however, Swider is wide open in his recruitment.



*JASON WADE ... Scout NR
Virginia Episcopal, VA, PG, 6-5
Schools: Providence, Hofstra, Delaware


*TRE WOOD ... Scout NR, E #37 PG, 78, ***
St. John's College High, Wash. DC, PG, 6-0, 170
Schools: Providence, Iowa, Old Dominion, Penn State, St. Joseph's, UCF


**IMMANUEL QUICKLEY ... Offer, Scout #2 PG, E #1 PG, 91, *****
John Carroll School, MD, PG, 6-3, 180
Schools: Providence, Duke, Kentucky, Arizona, Cincinnati, Clemson, UConn, DePaul, Louisville, Maryland, Miami, URI, UCLA, Virginia Tech, Washington, USC, Texas A&M


Newton High, MA, CG, 6-2
Schools: Providence, Brown, Colgate, Seton Hall, Syracuse, Harvard, Indiana, Virginia


*NOAH LOCKE ... Offer, Scout NR, E #33 SG, 81, ****
McDonogh High, MD, SG/PG, 6-2


*DEVON DOTSON ... Scout #16 PG, E #11 PG, 87, ****
Providence Day School, IL, PG, 6-2, 175
Schools: Providence, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, No. Carolina St., North Carolina, Tennessee, USC, Wake Forest


*COBY WHITE ... Offer, Scout #13 SG, E #7 PG, 90, *****
Greenfield School, NC, PG/SG, 6-4, 185
Schools: Providence, Butler, Duke, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, St. Louis, Virginia, Wake Forest


New Hampton Prep, PG, 5-10, 150
Schools: Providence, BC, DePaul, Florida St., George Washington, Marquette, Miami, Ohio St., Rutgers, St. Joseph's, Tennessee, USC, Virginia, Yale


**DAVID DUKE ... Offer, Scout NR
Cushing Academy, PG/SG, 6-3

Schools: Providence, Northwestern, URI, Columbia, St. Bonaventure, UMass, Bryant, Brown


*JAELIN LEWELLYN ... Offer, Scout NR
Orangeville Prep, CAN, PG, 6-2
Schools: Providence, Creighton, Fairfield, Wake Forest


Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, MD, PG, 6-2


International Christian HS, CAN, PG, 6-2
Schools: Providence, Baylor, New Mexico State


With Kyron Cartwright (junior) and Maliek White (freshman) capably running the point, Providence still would be interested in adding one more point guard in this class. The reason for that is that Cartwright will be gone after next season and White, while showing promise, still has a ways to go to develop into a player capable of running a Big East team full time.


As a result, PC has identified and offered a number of true point guards and combo guards. At the top of the list is national star Immanuel Quickley out of Maryland. Quickley, like Khavon Moore, is a top national recruit and will be a tough get, but the staff has built a nice relationship and has a shot. Former Classical High point guard David Duke, now at Cushing Academy, is another local star who is blossoming at a regional level but is more of a combo guard than a true point. Still, Duke could nicely fill the role of a scoring two-guard for Providence and share ballhandling duties at times.


As this season plays out, it will be interesting to watch the progress of recruitment for the Class of 2018. Player development and exposed holes during the course of the Big East season will go a long way in determining what the staff feels to be their biggest needs. That, in turn, will inform their recruiting decisions.

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