Syracuse Press Conference

The Friars dropped their third Big East game in a row, falling 75-71 to seventh-ranked Syracuse on Saturday, January 15. Providence made a run at the talented Orangemen, closing a double digit gap to one point on several occasions, but ultimately fell short when a last-second inbounds pass from DeSean White was picked off. Here are some excerpts from Tim Welsh's press conference:

"Certainly that was a high energy game. There was a lot of emotion by both teams and both teams really went at each other."

"You have to limit easy opportunities. We let their transition get out too early. They just threw it over the top of us. Our man to man defense was pretty tough. We went toe to toe with them."

"We missed some key free throws. We executed our game plan, but we didn't get back on defense. We emphasized going to the offensive glass, but we got hurt on the other end."

"They really push the ball. They spread the court and they have plenty of finishers attacking the rim. Dwight had an open three, a three that went down, but rattled in and out. We have to find a way to finish. It's not a good way to get healthy playing these guys."

In answer to a question about why White, a freshman, was inbounding the ball with 3.3 seconds left: "DeSean is one of the best passers on the team. I wanted four shooters on the court. DeSean is not a three point shooter. Who the hell else should have inbounded it? The trainer? We were trying to go to Ryan, then to Brew in the middle of the floor. We set a screen and Brew was open in the middle."

"We got up in them and stopped them and got turnovers with the press. We put the press on and they spit it up, and we tied it. I was hesitant to press earlier because the man to man was working well, and the minutes were piling up for some guys, Gomes, Kotti, Brew, Donnie was coming back from the flu."

"Two or three times, we one handed it on rebounds and lost the ball. That was costly."

"DeSean is one of the best inside passers. They bottled Ryan up inside so it was tough to get him the ball. We wanted him to kind of get lost on the wing and then sneak in. That opened up the inside for DeSean."

"I thought we attacked the zone pretty well. We probed too much in the first half, but it takes awhile to get comfortable the first time you see them. Nine shots is not enough for Ryan, but give us some credit, too. Other guys stepped up and kept us close. We set inside screens for Ryan but they're big."

"As a coach you know there are thirteen games left, and you've got to make the guys understand. We've got to go on the road now and get going. We've got to find the mistakes and correct them. You can play pretty well but sometimes it's not good enough against a really good team. They're down, but they'll bounce back up. We're not playing bad, we're playing decent, but we've got to play better."

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