Petro's Program Notes & Whispers IV

July, the major evaluation month of the summer is about half way done.... the coaches will come off the road on Saturday, the 16th, only to return on the 22nd to complete the month and hopefully bring a recruit or two closer to a commitment.

The Friars have a total of four spots to fill for 2006.... They have already received a solid commitment from Corey Lowe, a point guard from Massachusetts who can knock down the three pointer, when needed, and will make the clutch free throws. They also have a not so solid commitment from New York swingman, Saiquon Stone.....

Because of academics, the Friars appear to be on slippery footing with this young man.... Stone will most likely attend a prep school next summer...... I'm hearing Genesis One in Mississippi..... but where he will end up the following year is up in the air..... So the staff is treating this situation as if they have three scholarships available. If Stone can qualify, and if a scholarship is still available when he does, we still might be interested..... but until then???

I feel that with their available scholarships, Providence needs to add some shooting strength from the wing, plus a big forward for depth. We are very involved with players like Stefan Welsh, Dennis Horner, Lamonte Ulmer, Jerome Dyson, Pop Hailey, all named in the Recruiting Notebook.... plus other shooters like Lazar Haywood, who is not..... Daye Kaba, Kashif Pratt, and Vernon Teel, all New York city players are still being watched.

As for big men, names are always slow to come out. The Recruiting Notebook tells you that we are, and will continue to be very involved with Jonathan Mandeldove, from Georgia.... and Justin Burrell from NYC...... Austin Wallace, another New Yorker and Jason Love from Philly are also being monitored...... plus there is always that surprise big man out there.....

I still believe that there is a possibility....although a slim one.... that there could be another commitment for 2005..... just my opinion.

The rest of the summer will be interesting....At this point, I don't expect another verbal at least until September... maybe October.... but I do believe that at least one future Friar is named above. We'll see....

The Big East schedule is well known by now.... everybody is aware of who we are playing, and where... everything, except for the dates and times. If you read a recent Projo article, by Kevin McNamara, you know that the OOC schedule is nearly completed.... with the exception of a date for the Brown game....... This game, in the last few years, has become a schedule football of sorts..... it has been very difficult to find a mutually acceptable date for various reasons.... availability of the Dunk, exempt tournaments, etc.

This year we were planning to play host to the eastern end of the Black Coaches Association Tournament.... (There also is an event in the West)..... but that fell through because Providence College would be saddled with all the expenses... rent, etc.... and the BCA would leave town with the lion's share of the gate money... we just couldn't afford to do it...... The Brown game was put on the back burner because of this, and now it is in danger of not being played for the second time in the last few years. I hope... and believe... that the game will be scheduled.... Let's hope that it is.... It is an important event in the overall tradition of Providence College basketball.

Go Friars.

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