Tim Welsh Press Conference: Memphis

The Friars battled back from a 60-47 deficit with sixteen minutes to play, to make a game of it, before bowing to Memphis, 97-89, in a gritty effort.

Tim Welsh met with the media after the Friars' loss, which dropped them to 3-4 on the season, and here are some excerpts of what he had to say:

"Once again, we showed that we can play offense against a lot of people. Only Duke has been able to beat Memphis so far and they only scored 70 points. It continues to be the other side of the ball."

"It was a monumental task trying to hold them down. We fought back and got back to within four or five points. We had a lot of mixes and matches. We were scoring every time, but they were matching us."

"We controlled the threes in the second half, but they attacked the interior. I didn't think they'd shoot it so well, and I'm not sure John (Calipari) thought they would shoot it that well, either."

"Offensively, our guys understand the spacing a little bit better. Defensively, we missed some blockouts and gave up two or three baskets on missed free throws."

"I thought our guys really fought. We approached each four minute stretch as its own game, and we asked them to try and win each four minute period."

"We got better this week and this will help us. We showed a lot of moxie. We tip toed out of the lockerroom against Florida, and I said, Let's come out with some attitude. I told them, Don't forget, this is our home game."

"We moved the ball well all game, we got after it, we created turnovers, we were active against great players. We came out on our toes. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to get used to playing against that kind of defense. You can't simulate that in practice."

"Rodney Carney is a great defensive player. Carney locked up J.J. Redick, who might be the best player in the country. Redick couldn't get a clean shot against Carney. Donnie (McGrath) worked very hard against Carney. Our guys were conscious of setting screens for Donnie."

"John sat Carney at the start of the game. He sat his senior captain. John's a master psychologist, and he was obviously trying to send a message to the kid. So when Carney came in, he wanted to prove himself, and he shot it great. We didn't do a good enough job finding Carney in the first half."

"We made some adjustments at halftime. We were cutting harder, setting harder screens. We've got to get guys up on the glass. Our leading rebounder was McDermott with five, and he didn't play in the second half. Curry had four. Our bigs have to do a better job rebounding."

"Donnie's been in bed (with the flu) for two days, throwing up. He hasn't practiced since Florida. I didn't let him near the team until this morning. He's getting used to playing the two. He's been a point all his life, and now he's learning to go away from the ball, instead of always coming to the ball. We set some pretty good screens for him."

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