PC Bows Out In Hockey East

There is very little to say when wrapping up the month of March for the hockey Friars. They ended the regular season dropping two games to BU and then made a quick exit from the playoffs when they lost a pair to BC.

BU got the best of PC 6-0 at Schneider. For all intensive purposes the game really ended slightly after the mid point of the first period. In a span of about 4 minutes BU captain Peter MacArthur gave his team the boost they needed to take off by scoring two goals. He went on to complete his hat trick at the beginning of the second period.

The only interesting development was that Ryan Simpson made his debut after being out with injuries for a year and a half. While he gave up a goal and had saw only 5 shots it did seem to give a boost to the Friars as they seemed to have picked up the pace in the final period. However not once did they dent BU goal Brian Bennett, who had been shaky all season.

The following night the Friars traveled BU for the rematch with still a hope of getting home ice. Again they fell behind early (about 6 and a half minutes into the game) when Joe Pereira scored. BU extended the lead when early in the second as they capitalized on a power play chance. Looking to see if the boost PC got in the final period from having Simpson in net would help with the game closer and more time left, Ryan Simpson was again put in net. While he did his job by not allowing any more goals and the PC team again seemed to pick up the tempo, PC never capitalized on their few quality chances. The Friars had 3 power play chances in the last half of the 3rd period and did not score. In fact on the last power play PC took a penalty of their own to negate their advantage after only 20 seconds.

The playoffs were another dismal event. PC never gave themselves a chance to get into the game. They clearly take time to get their offense going so they most hold their opponent at bay while they get going. Against BC that did not happen. Game 1 there were 2 goals in the first 1 minute 18 seconds. PC never recovered. BC's men of the hour were Nate Gerbe and Benn Ferriero who each stepped up and scored two goals in the 5-1 victory.

Looking to change things up PC went with Ryan Simpson for his first start in net in the second game. This time it took BC 2 minutes 18 seconds to score two goals and once again leaving PC to try to pick themselves off the ice and get back in the game. Which of course did not happen, as BC added two more goals before the period was over. Freshman Ian O'Connor scored PC lone goal in the 5-1 loss.

For BC beside scoring early they also got big games once again from their key players, not only did Gerbe and Ferriero score but another big gun popped one in, Ben Smith. Looking across the league Vermont squeezed by Northeastern because their fine senior goalie, Joe Fallon came up big and iced the clinching game when the captain Dean Strong and alternate captain, Corey Carlson scored goals. BU took 3 games to eliminate Lowell. In each of their wins their captain Peter MacArthur stepped up and scored a pair of goals. In the lone game they won Lowell broke fast and kept BU down when one of their captains Ben Holmstrom scored the goal which gave UML the early lead they never gave up. UNH swept UMass out of the playoffs when their captain Matt Fornataro scored 4 goals over the weekend and was ably assisted by 5 goals from junior Jerry Pollastrone.

Without question you can revive the questions once again about weak goals, foolish penalties and lack of power play production as being things leading to PC‘s playoff loss. However when playoff time comes teams get quality performances from their veterans. PC got none of that. Instead it was veterans who took a pair of major penalties over the weekend. The leader in games played by a goalie at PC ended his career sitting on the bench after 3 shaky starts in a row. Right now PC is missing that key player who can pick the team up and carry them when they need a lift.

It is also pretty evident from what has been said that you should not be surprised in the next day or so to see that junior Cody Wild leaves a year early. His departure would open up a scholarship, but also a need for another defenseman. Wild is a very dynamic defenseman who plays a large offensive role on team that lacks offensive weapons. Essentially he is a unique weapon. On the flip side his ventures deep into the offensive zone have left PC open to odd man rushes and at times when he controlled the puck down low it looked like many of the forwards would stop skating because they did not know what he would do next.

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