ND Prep Coach Discusses Johnnie Lacy

So how does a top point guard prospect from the state of Wisconsin end up signing up to play for Providence in the Big East? ScoutFriars.com recently had the chance to speak with Notre Dame Prep head basketball coach Ryan Hurd on why Johnnie Lacy chose to be Providence Friar next fall.

Johnnie Lacy, a Milwaukee native, was projected to end up at Wisconsin, or Marquette, or maybe even Tennessee. However, Keno Davis and his Providence staff made a strong impression on the speedy point guard in recent weeks, and the Scout.com #12 point guard for the class of 2009 signed on as a Friar last week. Ryan Hurd, the Notre Dame Prep head coach who is preparing Lacy for the rigors of high major basketball, thinks that Lacy made the right call by choosing the Big East program from Rhode Island.

SH: Johnnie was comfortable playing out East? Did he want to play in the Big East?

R.Hurd: He really was just looking for the best situation possible for him. Tennessee was something that appealed to him early, and I think they wanted him to hold on and sign late. A number of other programs wanted him to wait until late too but why do that when somebody loves you and plays at a high level? Why not go with it?

SH: What do you think made Johnnie Lacy commit and sign in the early signing period rather than wait until the spring?

R.Hurd: Really is was the good relationship he had with the staff down there at Providence. They are good people. We went down there, saw the new Dunkin Donuts Center, and all the new facilities Providence has. They've done tons with the facilities. You can see the commitment with the Athletic Director. He said, "Give these guys what it takes to compete for a national championship, and they will do the job."

When you hear that and you see that, and combine it with the way Keno is...he's so genuine. We obviously get the chance to meet a lot of coaches here, but he is who he is, and comfortable with it. He's a great guy to be around and I think Johnny trusts him.

SH: What can you tell me about Johnnie Lacy's ability to play in an up tempo offense?

R.Hurd: That's where he thrives. He's an exciting player. He also a confident player, and sometimes his confidence can get the best of him when he tries to do too much with his talent. That's what happened when he was surprised by the trap he saw today.

SH: Is this Notre Dame Prep team still getting used to playing with one another?

R.Hurd: We lost by one in overtime up at Brewster last weekend and it snapped us. Now we're in the grind of getting it back and everyone is finding their role. This team will be fine because it is very talented, they all just need to get on the same page.

SH: Good luck to your team coach and thanks for the time.

R.Hurd: Johnny is going to have a great career playing for Providence.

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