Friars Roll Stonehill 91-55

Jamine "Greedy" Peterson waited a long time for last night's game, as it was his first appearance against another college opponent since March of 2008. He took advantage of it, and along with Marshon Brooks, the two accounted for 41 points in an easy 91-55 exhibition win over Division II Stonehill.

When this Friars team presses, rebounds, runs, and shoots as they did Saturday night, they show the makings of a what could be a surprisingly successful team. This year's edition of Providence is quick, athletic, and appears to shoot the ball better than last year's squad. Jamine Peterson exhibits some of the best of the new look Friars, as he posted a double-double scoring 20 points and pulled down 10 rebounds, a team high.

While the Stonehill Skyhawks (D2) weren't much in the way of competition for a Big East team, there was value gleaned last night in seeing the Friars compete against a team they had no scouting tapes on. Divsion II teams have the benefit of scouting ahead, and did so attending last week's Merrimack game. Coach Keno Davis got a second looks at what his team does well in games, and what are some of the weaknesses that could otherwise be masked by a good game plan geared for a regular season opponent.

Even without a typical game plan for Stonehill, the Friars shot the ball extremely well, going 9-16 from the 3 point line and shot 54.5% overall, never really being threatened by the Skyhawks. "We're going to be a dangerous team when we make shots", said Keno Davis. "Were such a young team that we're going to have our ups and downs, but I think we're going to be a better shooting team (this year). When we knock shots down we'll be dangerous; when we don't, we're going to have to find other ways so score, which is going to be a test for some of the young players", stated Davis.

Though they put up 91 points and led by 40 with two minutes to play, it wasn't all roses. Providence didn't get a lot of inside scoring in half court sets, nor did they manage many trips to the free throw line, particularly in the first half when they only attempt six foul shots. That's going to have to change once the Friars step a level or two in competition.

Marshon Brooks discussed that point after the game. "Believe it or not, our focus coming into the game was not just rebounding but getting to the line too. Coach got on us for that though, so next game you'll definitely see a lot more power moves to the basket." Stonehill packed in their defense to keep Providence out of the paint. "They had a couple of trick defenses prepared for us," said Marshon Brooks. "That kept us out of the middle and forced us out to the perimeter more than we would have liked."

Two freshman in particular stood out in this contest, as Vincent Council and Duke Mondy both had some highlight moments. After a few turnovers in the first half, Council settled down in the second half and had a very nice floor game with 7 points, 6 assists, and 3 steals. Mondy was also very effective in 14 minutes of play, scoring 15 points that included 3 baskets from beyond the arc to go along with 6 rebounds.

The Friars full court pressure was disruptive to Stonehill's offense, even though it only produced 13 turnovers. Expect it to improve as the year goes on and for the Friars to employ it all season long. As for the Man-2-Man defense, the ball pressure on the perimeter was relatively effective, but the Friars had too many instances where they got lost on switches that let Stonehill shooters leak out for open looks from the three point line. Until the new Friars gel defensively, ball pressure and the press will have to be their calling card on defense.

With three games in three days next week, will Providence be able to press in that fashion next weekend? Keno Davis seems to think so. "Three games in three days is tough whether you're walking the ball up or running. With three games in three days the thing we may have an advantage on our opponents could be that we're going to play deeper", said Davis. "I think we played seven or eight last year, and we're looking at more of a ten man rotation right now. The tough thing for me is that I've got 12 guys that are all right there. I know it would be tough to go 12 deep but 10 deep looks like a real possibility."

Friar Notes: No final decisions have been made yet on possible redshirt candidates and may not be made by the weekend either. However, any freshman player who doesn't enter a game beginning with Friday's regular season opener is eligible for a redshirt. Expect the staff to keep their options open on the possibility of one or maybe even two redshirts… Ray Hall has been medically cleared to workout with the team but it's still unclear if or when he might be able to contribute to the team in a game.

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