Brice Kofane Excited for Providence

BRONX, NY-- Last spring and summer, an under the radar class of 2010 big man named Brice Kofane burst onto the scene with his play for the Albany City Rocks.

The Providence-bound Kofane from The Miller School (VA) was at the Rumble in this past weekend helping out with scorekeeping at the event run by his old AAU program. While there, he took the time to speak with about his thoughts and feelings on his upcoming freshman year.

Kofane, who checks in at 6'8.5 and 205-pounds, will be at Providence in just several days. "Sunday the 20th," Kofane said of when he gets to the Big East school.

Asked how he feels about leaving for school soon, Kofane replied, "I'm pretty good about it actually. I'm pretty excited. I'm looking forward to it actually."

Kofane thinks that he will be rooming with fellow 2010 recruit Joseph Young for summer school, but he is not sure. There have also been some recent developments and there is a chance that Young may not even go to PC at all.

With Kofane's primary recruiter from PC, Pat Skerry, recently leaving for a job at Pitt, Kofane was worried at first, but is now fine with Coach Skerry not being there.

"At the beginning I was worried, but it doesn't bother me much. It was a good opportunity for him. I think I'm gonna be alright," Kofane said.

While Skerry will not be there, Kofane does know a couple of the players who will be on the team with him. "Gerard Coleman [is a player I know], he is gonna be a freshman, and I talk to Vince [Council, a rising sophomore]."

Kofane has not been told by the coaches much about playing time as a freshman, but is hoping that he will be able to work hard enough to earn minutes.

"Not really, no. Hopefully [I will play] a lot. I have to keep working hard and hopefully I‘ll get a lot of minutes," Kofane said.

Kofane, who came over the United States from Cameroon just three years ago and has been playing hoops for six, talked about who he would compare his game to.

"It's tough. Right now I kind of play like KG a bit because he plays hard on defense and is there when needed on offense," Kofane commented.

"Defense and finishing around the basket," Kofane said of the main strengths of his game. As for his primary weaknesses, Kofane remarked, "Probably my jumpshot. I'm working on it."

Asked what he brings to the table off the bat for the Friars, Kofane responded, "Probably defense and rebounding. I'm gonna try to be a good presence. I'm gonna play the 4 and try to help as much as I can."

"I visited a couple schools. I didn't have a final list," Kofane said of the other schools he considered. "VCU was on top of my list. GW [was on there too]. Penn State started up at the end. Mostly those schools."

Keno Davis and his staff are surely happy to have beaten out those programs to land Brice Kofane, one of the top interior defenders in the class of 2010. With summer school starting right around the corner, it will not be long before the staff gets to coach up the talented big man.

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