Ledo, Mack and Davis Talk Friars

CLEVELAND, Ohio-- Ex-Providence assistant coach Pat Skerry, who is now with Pitt, was involved with many of the Friars' prime recruiting targets. Want proof? All you need to do is talk to some of the players PC is pursuing, which is what ScoutFriars.com did while at the LeBron James Skills Academy and King City Classic this week.

Ricardo Ledo of South Kent (CT) is considered one of the elite prospects in the class of 2012 and the 6'5, 175-pound small forward was on his game out in Ohio. Ledo lists scholarship offers from Syracuse, Providence, UConn, Villanova, Texas, Kentucky, Kansas, Miami, Florida, Florida State, West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Rhode Island, UMass, and Indiana.

He has no favorites and says that there are other programs recruiting him as well. "No, not right now, I'm just at a crossroads, I don't know," said Ledo of whether he has any favorites.

Ledo spent last year at St. Andrew's, which is in his home state of Rhode Island. In fact, not only is Ledo from the Ocean State, he is from Providence, only three to five minutes from the college.

"I know a lot about the school. I grew up around it," Ledo said. "I like that I could be close to home [and there is] . . . pretty much a good chance of me starting if I go there."

He has been to the campus many times considering its location. "I just go up there to play sometimes, so I've been there a lot," Ledo said.

Pat Skerry had been the lead recruiter from Providence on Ledo's trail, but with him gone, Rodell Davis has taken over. Ledo has also spoken with Head Coach Keno Davis on some of his trips to campus.
Myles Mack, a class of 2011 5'10, 151-pound point guard from St. Anthony's (NJ), also holds a Providence offer. DePaul, St. John's, Rutgers, Seton Hall, Miami, Marquette, Virginia, and Fordham are the other schools he claims offers from to go along with interest from UCLA.

"I'm gonna try to make my decision probably by the end of August," Mack said of his commitment timetable.

Although Mack has no favorites right now, he lists Miami, Rutgers, Seton Hall, DePaul, Marquette, and Virginia as the schools coming after him the hardest.

Where do things stand with Providence? "I haven't really talked to them in a while," he said. "Before it was Pat Skerry [who was recruiting me], but I don't remember the name [of the coach recruiting me now]."

As far as contact with Keno Davis goes, Mack said, "I've spoken with him two times, but it wasn't too recent."

Mack grew up a Florida fan, but said that he "really likes the Big East or ACC" now. He even said that he is "probably gonna play in either one of those two" conferences, though he has no preference between them.
Myles Davis.

Davis was at St. Peter's Prep (NJ) for his sophomore and junior years, but it does not seem that he will be back there. He said will likely transfer for his senior year—Montrose Christian (MD), Brewster Academy (NH), and Notre Dame Prep (MA) are the options—and possibly reclassify.

Davis lists offers from Villanova, Pitt, Virginia, St. Joseph's, and George Mason as well as interest from Georgetown. Asked if he has any favorites, Davis replied, "No, I like all of them a lot."

As with Mack, things have fallen off between PC and Davis since Pat Skerry left, but to an even greater extent.

"Coach Skerry left so I haven't heard from them ever since he left. I just don't talk about them like that, haven't been thinking about them," Davis said.

On whether or not there is a chance that the Friars could get back in the mix to land him, Davis said, "No, it's too late for that."

As for whether he was ever interested in Providence, Davis remarked, "I was interested in every school, but when they stopped [recruiting me and] I haven't heard from them, that's when I [moved on]."

Providence seems to be in good shape with Ricardo Ledo, especially considering he is from the same city the school is in. With Myles Mack and Myles Davis, though, it looks to be a different story.

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