Indy's Mark Bonds - Scouting Report

Warren Central's Mark Bonds rushed for 1,506 yards as a sophomore and 1,300 yards as a junior. Here's what we saw on film.

Mark Bonds, a 6-foot, 208-pound, running back from Indianapolis (Warren Central) is a terrific athlete that has the ability to play at the highest level of college football.

First and foremost, Bonds plays for a very good team and he has offensive linemen that open up gaping holes.

Bonds shows the vision to find the hole, the explosiveness to get through the hole and patience to allow blocks to develop.

I felt Mark was a decent outside running back, he has the foreward lean and stiffarm to gain yardage but his bread and butter is running in-between the tackles.

Bonds has very good lamps (vision) and he's slippery. He doesn't go down on the first hit and he slides off tackles.

I didn't see Bonds catch the ball out of the backfield, so I can't comment on his hands. He'll need to be a good receiver to be a D-1 running back.

Could he play defense? Yes, he could play safety and that's key when it comes to offering scholarships.

College recruiters like running backs that are versatile and can play other positions on the field if running back doesn't work out.

When we contacted Bonds last month, he didn't have any scholarship offers. We have a call into Warren Central head coach Kevin Wright to find out why that is.

Bonds will be a Midwest "Hot 100" prospect in 2003.

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