Ruffin planning Purdue official

Four-star cornerback Nick Ruffin may make plans to visit Purdue. Boiler Sports Report offers the details in his recruitment.

The list of offers for four-star cornerback Nick Ruffin is impressive. It includes Alabama, Auburn, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Ohio State, South Carolina, and many more. Purdue is doing its best to fight the Atlanta native out of SEC country.

The Boilermakers have pinpointed Ruffin as one of their top cornerback prospects, and even sent defensive coordinator Greg Hudson in for a visit to St. Pius X High School this month.

Since meeting with Hudson, the cornerback has begun to conduct some research on the program. However, the relationships he has built currently stand out the most.

"The guys that recruit [for Purdue], they're very professional," said Ruffin. "They really have a sense for professionalism, and they're a good team—for the past 10 years or so. They've had a solid program. Last year was a downward spiral for them, but they definitely recruited talented this last season. I'm looking for them to be a good team this year."

Ruffin is still working toward plans for campus visits. He plans to tour the Midwest this summer and will see Michigan State and Kentucky. He is saving Purdue for an official visit this fall.

"I want to see the fan base, the support family within the family—not just from the staff, but the players and the community," said Ruffin. "I wouldn't have to worry about education Purdue has a phenomenal university. Finally, the athletic abilities and talent that Purdue has; do they compete for championships?

In visiting with the Purdue program and new head coach Darrell Hazell, he'll get a better grasp of those questions. However, it will be quite difficult for Purdue to pull Ruffin away from home.

Ruffin's list of favorites includes Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, South Carolina and Vanderbilt.

"I'm keeping every single option I have open until it's time to make my decision," he said. "I'm not dead set on the SEC. A lot of guys would like to say they play SEC football, but I want to find the best fit for me."

With so much recruiting attention flooding in, Ruffin is attempting to balance the chaotic logistics.

"It's definitely an honor and a blessing, and I cherish every minute of it, but it does get stressful and it gets difficult to deal with," he said. "The most stressful it gets, the more you understand it comes with the territory. I'm enjoying the process and having fun with it, I really am."

Chris Emma has covered recruiting, college athletics and professional baseball for FOX Sports Next since 2009. Emma covered the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Northwestern Wildcats, and currently covers the Purdue Boilermakers. A Chicago native, he resides in West Lafayette.
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