Five Questions: Purdue's 2013 class

FOX Sports Next national recruiting expert Allen Trieu answers five key questions on Purdue's 2013 recruiting class.

1.) Who would you consider to be the most valuable member of the 2013 class?

A.T.: Danny Etling. I think because of his position and the opportunity he has, he's the guy I'd say was the cornerstone of the class.

2.) Which new Boilermaker will make the biggest impact as a true freshman?

A.T.: Well, I think it's going to be Etling but for the sake of not talking about him three questions in a row, I'll go with Dalyn Dawkins, who I think can be a change of pace guy, a third down guy and possibly a return man. That's an easier position to make an impact in than some of the other spots where they have top guys coming in.

3.) What are your overall impressions of Danny Etling?

A.T.:I think he's very solid all around. Good size, has the arm to make the throws you need and I think he's a mature kid who seems ready to compete right away. I thought he kicked it up a notch as a senior.

4.) What makes Dalyn Dawkins a four-star recruit?

A.T.:His quickness and speed, but also his ability to run physically. He breaks tackles for a guy who is not real big. He has really good balance and he can catch the ball out of the backfield.

5.) How did Darrell Hazell do in taking over this class?

A.T.:I thought he did well. They closed pretty well, Dawkins being one of the guys they added late. They didn't have too many commits when he took over and I thought they filled the class well, not just with filler but with kids that can play.

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