Boiler Bullet Points: Recapping Wisconsin

Boiler Sports Report offers five key points to take away from Purdue's loss to Wisconsin.

Boiler Bullet Points The Badgers showed dominance at home with the 41-10 rout of Purdue. The Boilermakers really have to regroup after a loss like this and concentrate on the factors that played the starring role in the less than desirable performance.

Boiler Point No. 1-- The first and most obvious aspect of this game that the Boilermakers should concentrate on is the lack of run defense displayed. Purdue surrendered a total of four rushing touchdowns along with a total of 388 yards rushing. A big part of this mishap was due to the inability of Purdue's defense to tackle. James White and Melvin Gordon made the Boilermaker defense look bad with the amount of tackles they broke on the ground.

Now that the Big Ten season has started, the Boilermakers will continue to face top-notch competition that requires solid play on every down. The running game seemed to wear on the defense, causing the team to cave in the entire second half. The run defense is a weakness that the Boilermakers need to address if they want to win this season.

Boiler Point No. 2-- One Achilles heel in recent memory for the Boilers is the Wisconsin Badgers in general. The Badgers have defeated the Boilermakers in the last four matchups by an average of 32 points. For whatever reason Purdue has not been able to play Wisconsin well in years. It will take a joint effort between coaches and players to make sure that the team is getting better and progressing in a way that Purdue can overcome their Big Ten foe.

Boiler Point No. 3-- Purdue's run offense left plenty to be desired against Wisconsin's defensive front. Running back Akeem Hunt gained only 31 yards on nine carries. Every football fan knows that the running game is a too important to an offense, especially in Big Ten play.

With a struggling passing game and running game, the Boilermakers had no offensive fire power in this game. The Boilermakers only put up a total of 45 rushing yards throughout the entire game. One has to think that this kind of play from the Boilermakers needs to change and this change couldn't come quick enough.

Boiler Point No. 4 -- In addition to the rushing game, the passing game was also undesirable. Quarterback Rob Henry totaled only 135 yards in the air for the game and completed only 50 percent of his passes. Henry's longest pass play only tallied a meager 19 yards.

Rob Henry needs to pass a lot better if the Boilermakers want to survive the Big Ten conference. The only touchdown Henry accounted for was a 22 yard rush. This needs to change and quickly if Purdue has any hope of being competitive.

Boiler Point No. 5-- Despite the fact that there are so many negatives for the Boilermakers, there is one positive that they can improve on. The secondary for put up a decent game defending the pass. Cornerback Ricardo Allen had an interception to set up the offense. Plays like this are needed for a struggling offense. Although this seems little, it's a good starting point that Purdue needs to build on to be successful.

Coach Darrell Hazell said it right when stating that the Boilermakers need to do some "soul searching" as they move ahead. One would hope Hazell can really search well to find the soul of this struggling Boilermaker team. Crazier things have happened in the sports world and only time will tell if the Boilermakers can make a turn-around. MAC powerhouse Northern Illinois will be in town and Purdue will have yet another challenge to overcome this Saturday.

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