Notes: Hazell talks changes, Penn State

Purdue coach Darrell Hazell looks ahead to Saturday's game with Penn State and touches on changes within his team.

-- Darrell Hazell addressed one of the biggest issues with Purdue's offense. "The thing we're not getting in our offense is the big play in our run game," Hazell said. "… we need to hit some big plays going forward."

-- Penn State receiver Allen Robinson is sure to provide the Boilermakers with a challenge. :We're going to have a good job of disrupting routes and getting guys in the quarterback's face, so he doesn't have time to throw it."

-- Hazell referred to Akeem Hunt as a "potential big play guy." He added: "We've got to find ways to get him involved."

-- The season is winding down, and Darrell Hazell hopes he sees continued progress in his program. "Every opportunity to get better, we're going to get better," Hazell said. "We've got three Tuesdays left with our seniors. We're going to be great today."

-- Purdue will face a challenge in facing Penn State freshman quarterback Christian Hackenberg. Said Hazell: "I think he stands in there pretty well for a young guy. … You're going to continue to see him get better and better each week."

-- Junior tight end Justin Sinz was inactive at practice on Tuesday as he battles a bruised rib. Hazell said that the Boilermakers will try some new packages without him on the field. One of those involves placing offensive tackle J.J. Prince in at tight end, working in both the run and pass game.

-- One of the Boilermakers' greatest successes this year has been in the punt game. Hazell touched on that, explaining what an emphasis it has been. "Obviously, we emphasize everything, but there is an emphasis there. Cody [Webster] has done an excellent job, in my opinion, of ball placement. … We're asking him to put it outside the hash. Give our three guys a chance to get underneath of it, so 4.0 [second] hang time, and then just crazy energy on the outside. Those guys have done an excellent job."

-- Hazell sees improvements in the play of quarterback Danny Etling. "I thought he looked a lot more comfortable out there," Hazell said. "I thought he was more accurate with his throws. I just felt like he had a better feeling as he went through the process of the game."

-- When asked about Purdue's sputtering offense, Hazell spoke of some changes to come, namely in the passing game. He hopes to get the Boilermakers' young receivers "ramped up" starting this week. The names to watch are Deangelo Yancey, Danny Anthrop, B.J Knauf and Cameron Posey. "Those guys have proven they can make some plays for us," Hazell said. "They're not as consistent as you'd like htme to be right now."

-- As always, Hazell shows his confidence in the direction of the program. "We're going to be a good football team," he said. "We're going to move forward and get things fixed."

Chris Emma has covered recruiting, college athletics and professional baseball for FOX Sports Next since 2009. Emma covered the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Northwestern Wildcats, and currently covers the Purdue Boilermakers. A Chicago native, he resides in West Lafayette.
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