A 10-game statistical glance

A detailed statistical breakdown of how Purdue compares to the Big Ten.


Purdue: 79.7 PPG; Big Ten Ranking: 6th
First Five Games: 86.2 PPG; Big Ten Ranking: 3rd

The dip in Purdue's scoring output shouldn't go as a concern. Simply put, the competition has gotten better in this five-game sample. The Boilermakers have played Oklahoma State, Washington State, Boston College, plus a Siena team for the second time.

Purdue's 79.7 points per game mark is solid, all things considered. The number should be somewhere around this when Big Ten play begins. The Boilermakers are beginning to show consistency in the stat sheet, with three players averaging double-figure scoring and nine posting more than five points per game.

Senior guard Terone Johnson remains the team's leading scoring with 12.8 points per game, but he could certainly improve on this mark. The most alarming mark on the 10-game statistics is A.J. Hammons averaging only eight points per game while shooting just over 60 percent from the field. Purdue has to find a way to incorporate its go-to scorers in the game plan. That 79.7 PPG mark has potential to rise.

Team Defense

Purdue: 71.4 PPG; Big Ten Ranking: 11th
First Five Games: 70.8 PPG; Big Ten Ranking: 11th

The trend of close games hasn't left this Purdue team; though, this time, it has come against much stronger competition. Still, the fact that the Boilermakers rank 11th in the Big Ten is alarming. Sure, Marcus Smart and Oklahoma State were going to get their points, but how did Rider hang 77 on this team?

There is good news, though, in how the trend is changing. Purdue has allowed just 65.8 points in its last four games. Perhaps the players are gaining a better comfort of defending together. Part of the changes can be credited to how the Boilermakers have adjusted to the new fouls rules, which put opponents at the charity stripe far too often.

By comparison, Ohio State leads the conference with a 53.8 points per game mark, and Illinois is second at 59.3. The Boilermakers could be moving closer toward the middle, but they're still just a smidge shy of Penn State's last-place mark.

Free Throw Shooting

Purdue: 64.8 Percent; Big Ten Ranking: 12th
First Five Games: 62 Percent; Big Ten Ranking: 12th

There's not much more to say on this figure aside from it's not going to get much better. Simply put, this Purdue team just isn't that good at the free throw line. The good news is that the new hand-checking rules have died down a bit, keeping the games from being decided at the charity stripe. However, Purdue's low free throw mark will cost it games this season.

Field Goal Percentage

Purdue: 45.5 Percent; Big Ten Ranking: 8th
First Five Games: 48.4 Percent; Big Ten Ranking: 3rd

Thus far, Purdue has been fairly consistent on offense. Throw out the high water mark of 109 and low water mark of 54, and you'll see a team that can put up a fair amount of points any given night. There won't be many off nights for Purdue.

This comes back to the wide distribution of scoring, where the Boilermakers can count on much of their rotation to contribute each game.

Three-Point Percentage

Purdue: 34.3 Percent; Big Ten Ranking: 8th
0 First Five Games: 31.1 Percent; Big Ten Ranking: 10th

It's encouraging to see this number rising up. A big part of this has been the rise of Kendall Stephens, who has embraced his starting role and put up solid, consistent figures with the green light always on. Terone and Ronnie Johnson have each improved their three-point shooting from the start of the season, while Errick Peck has hit a few, too. Still, Stephens has hit 22 of Purdue's 60 three-point shots. Rebounding Margin

Purdue: +1.2; Big Ten Ranking: 10th
First Five Games: +2.4; Big Ten Ranking: 9th

This is a figure that is bound to decrease as the competition grows more difficult. Purdue has faced some solid bigs in the most recent five-game span, so that's why its rebounding margin has been cut in half.

A.J. Hammons' minutes have increased and Purdue's rebounding will only improve as he receives more playing time. Jay Simpson and Errick Peck have each averaged five boards per game. Overall, the Boilermakers' rebounding has been solid. It will certainly be interesting to see where this figure stands when Big Ten play begins.

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