Yancey has bar set high

Purdue receiver DeAngelo Yancey could be in store for a big season.

WEST LAFAYETTE -- Purdue receiver Deangelo Yancey is taking things one step at a time to improve his overall performance. That's what spring practice is all about.

"I'm trying to get the little things right right now," Yancey said. "I'm taking it piece by piece and not looking at the big picture, but making a progress."

Yancey claims that he is particularly focusing on being patient.

"I get antsy on pass plays so I just have to work on my little things," Yancey said.

Yancey also continues to work on times when he is not directly involved in a play.

"When I know I'm not getting involved, it blows by [me] in the game," Yancey said. "You may not run as hard but you have to be consistent."

According to receiving coach Kevin Sherman, Yancey had a good season, but he is not fully satisfied with what Yancey has to offer the team.

Sherman has challenged Yancey to step up his game since some of the team's spring goals were to dominate on perimeter blocking.

"[Yancey] needs to gain confidence and step up each practice each week each game because he going to get challenged in this league," Sherman said. "He found that out the hard way this past season but I think he is learning his lesson and he's watching himself on tape but more importantly the game is starting to slow down for him and I think once that happens he can play much faster."

Receiver Danny Anthrop is also a fast player and according to Yancey, can create many plays for Purdue.

"Anthrop is fast so we have certain concepts and one of those concepts might be to get [Anthrop] open," Yancey said. "I have to make sure I do my part to get him open because if he gets behind his coverage he is going to make a play regardless."

Yancey also is working on strength to enhance his performance by adding on weight.

"When I first put on 220 it was a little sloppy I couldn't really move and I felt myself getting tired," Yancey said. "But once I started working out and getting adjusted, I could run with it."

As a true freshman, Yancey recorded 32 catches for 546 yards and two touchdowns. With a more consistent offense, those numbers will rise.

Yancey continues to enhance his performance and improve as a player.

"I want to be the best, that's my goal," Yancey said. "I'm not there yet and I know I have a long way to go but that's why I'm going to keep working on the little things."

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