Is the Press Conference over yet?

Jeff Samardzija and Brady Quinn had their time yesterday. Lorenzo Booker verbally committed on ESPN last year. Now the press conference is about to be taken to a whole new level.

We had to wait for a little over a week but the inevitable did happen. Both Jeff Samardzija and Brady Quinn verbally committed to the University of Notre Dame.

Unless you've been on an African Safari the past month you knew that both of these blue chip prospects were headed to South Bend.

Why didn't anyone break a story? Well, it was supposed to be kept on the low down. After all, nobody wanted to steal (or shake down) their thunder.

Samardzija and Quinn both needed time to set up their press conferences after all. C'mon, nodody just calls a coach and says "Coach, I've decided to verbally commit".

Now high school football players have their local television stations help them announce their decisions. Brady Quinn announced his decision on a local NBC station.

There was a fan that was posting a link where you could hear Jeff Samardzija's press conference. Yes, his press conference was streamed live on the internet.

I'm not taking a shot at either of these young men. Both are quality kids with a bright future. I'm just trying to figure out when all this press conference stuff started? Press conferences to announce college intentions are status quo now. Or at least I thought. Last year, I asked the nations #1 linebacker when he was going to have his press conference to announce his decision between Ohio State and Nebraska.

There was silence on the other end of the phone line for about five seconds when Avon Lake, Ohio linebacker Mike D'Andrea finally said, "Press conference for what? I'm a high school football player."

Not everyone is as grounded as Mike D'Andrea. I had a prospect call me last week and told me he was about to have his FIRST press conference.

The press conference wasn't to announce his college intentions. It was to narrow his list down to 10 finalists. Wow! Just when you've thought you'd seen it all, BAM! The press conference of all press conferences.

Last year Lorenzo Booker announced his college intentions on ESPN. This was arranged by a guru who works for the World Wide Leader in Sports.

This well known guru will try and pull off the same coup this February, however, it's just not going to be the #1 prospect announcing his college intentions. It's going to be the Top 10 prospects in the country.

Best of luck. Try and get the Top 10 prospects in the country to all wait, keep coaching staffs on pins and needles until signing day. Doesn't sound fair to the schools involved but I can't blame the guy. Recruiting is big business.

Until then, I'm going to wait for the next high school football player to announce his intention to attend South Dakota State.

Like I said before, I can't blame them. This is probably the last press conference that most of these kids will ever have in their lives.

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