Purdue Top Two For Williams

The Sunshine State speedster visited West Lafayette this past weekend. Did he commit? Is he on the verge? Where does Purdue stand in his recruitment? BSR gets the latest.

Eric Williams is a self described all around football player. The Florida prospect has recently seen a ton of FBS schools coming after him in hopes to sign him come February 2009. He can definitely see the reason why.

"Every time I touch the ball, I can make a play. I'm a big play receiver. I'm quick, fast, I can beat the coverage. I'm an all around player. I can block, I'm not selfish. I'm just a football player" Williams emphatically stated.

Those qualities that have been instilled in the speedster have resonated with coaching staffs all across the nation. Purdue, Ole Miss, Nebraska, South Carolina, and South Florida are amongst several schools extending full scholarship offers to Williams. However, there are two schools that are showing the most love.

"Recruiting is going well. Purdue and Ole Miss are showing me the most love. Those are my top schools right now."

The Boilermakers definitely helped solidify one of those top spots with a recent visit this past weekend.

"I visited Purdue on Friday. It went well. They showed me where I'd fit in the offense, how they'd utilize me and everything."

Showing Williams where he'd fit into the offense wasn't the only thing that the coaching staff was able to impress with. The campus, the city, and the coaches themselves made a strong overture.

"The coaching staff, they got a new offensive coordinator. Coach Hope is about to be the new head coach. The coaching staff was real relaxed and I felt like I was at home with the coaching staff and they showed me that I was loved there. It was real relaxing, and the town is 30,000 and the school is 40,000. It's a college town and everyone knew my name when I was up there."

With a possible visit to Ole Miss still in the works, the Boilermakers aren't out of the woods yet. However, a decision is going to be taking place sooner than February and the Boilermakers should last up until the end.

"It'll be before signing day, like in January sometime."

When that day comes, Purdue will know if they landed another speedster.

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