McBurse Has Opportunity At Purdue

The Sunshine State star running back saw a great opportunity and didn't hesitate. He pulled the trigger for the Black & Gold last night.

Al-Terek McBurse visited West Lafayette in late November and saw several things that he liked. When he returned home to get ready to decide on his future, those things didn't waver of the course of time like so many feelings do after a prospect leaves a visit. It's no wonder then when the decision was made - it was the Boilermakers on top.

"What it boiled down to was that Purdue presented the most opportunity. Right now, Coach Hope was determined to show me that this was the perfect time to come in as a running back. The running back that started was a senior, the guy that was behind him had a couple of surgeries, and the third string quarterback playing running back. Now he's going back to be the starting quarterback, so I have a lot of opportunity there. He told me I can come in and make an impact as a freshman. We'll be playing against Penn State, Michigan, Ohio State, and Notre Dame… I mean what more could you ask for" an excited McBurse told BoilerSportsReport.

"As a running back, you want to prove that you can go to the next level and being able to come in and possibly be a four year starter, that's a tremendous opportunity for me."

With the likes of North Carolina, South Florida, Nebraska, and Georgia Tech after the blazing back, there was some initial shock at McBurse's decision to head north to play for Coach Hope. That is something that McBurse adamantly claims is settled now.

"Yeah, a lot of people were shocked and a lot of people were thinking why don't I stay close to home. They weren't expecting me to go that far out. They were shocked, but to me it's my decision. It's all about my life, so I had to do what's best for me and my family blessing was all that really mattered. They're supporting me, seeing now that my dream has come true."

With his family blessing all but an after statement, there were also several other factors that went in to McBurse choosing to don the Black & Gold. With a visit to West Lafayette over the November 21st weekend, it only helped further cement his decision.

"It was great. I got there and got a chance to meet the coaches that I hadn't met before. I got a chance to meet Coach Hope, and see how I fit into the scheme of things. Seeing me in the future and where things are going to go. It really made me want to be there, and I got to see the tremendous opportunity there. Everyone got along well and all the coaches were like on the same wave length, and it seemed like a bunch of great people to be around."

With McBurse's commitment now securely in the fold, he brings to the table the tenth Florida verbal commitment. The Boilers purge into the south has not gone unnoticed by any of the recruits or fans of the program. Nor has it gone unnoticed by McBurse himself.

"When I was up on my visit, I had the chance to meet with some of the players that were coming in, and some of the players on the team that were already from Florida. It was like a home away from, seeing as how many players from Florida there are. And it's going to continue to be like for as long as they're there."

While it's likely that Coach Hope and his staff are going to make their presence felt in the Sunshine State, Al-Terek insists that he'll help as well.

"Whatever the coaches of me to do, I'll be willing to do. If they ask me to do it, I'll do it. I want the program to be as successful as possible and I want to win. Whatever it takes to win, whatever guys we can bring aboard to win, then let's do it."

One aspect that could have been a deterring factor in the decision happened to be a nonentity; the weather.

"The weather was extremely cold. But I wasn't looking at it in that aspect. I might get drafted in the NFL one day and may go to Wisconsin so I don't want to be looked at as a player who can only play in the warm weather."

McBurse will get his first chance to see the main portions of winter just as the Boilers will get there first chance to get familiar with Purdue's newest verbal.

""I'm all finished with school and I'll be up on campus either the 11th or 12th of January!"

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