Higgs Reflects On Decision

One of the 10 incoming Florida Boilermakers tells BSR about his commitment, why he did it, and what it'll be like heading in with a gaggle of Sunshine State stars.

Antwon Higgs was very close to becoming a Gamecock. Due to other commits the South Carolina program, Higgs offer was pulled. Then the Boilermakers jumped into the fray. Coach Hope's torrid pace of recruiting has pulled in some big time names within the past week, with Najee Tyler and Al-Terek McBurse pledging for the Black and Gold as well as Higgs. After the Gamecocks pulled Higgs offer, it was only a matter of time.

"I chose Purdue because I felt the coaches and team could really use me. The coaches from N.C. State and Louisville wanted me too, but I chose Purdue because they had picked up a lot of kids from Florida, and I know it's far from home but you got to get use to it. I'm going to be a young man, and I can develop into a young man up there. I know it's going to be cold, real, real cold but I've got to get use to it because if I go to the next level I could end up in the cold. Like Al Harris, he's from this area, and he plays up in Green Bay and it's really cold. If he can get use to it, I can get use to it. And they play in a pretty tough conference, so you know I'll play against the top dogs too" a clearly excited Higgs told BoilerSportsReport.

The intense effort put in by Coach Hope and his staff in the Sunshine State has certainly paid off tenfold. Higgs is among ten pledges from the state of Florida.

"It's going to be exciting! I'm going to try to make plays sideline to sideline just like I did in Florida. I was texting Gabe (Holmes, another Florida commit) last night. We texted for a bit, but didn't talk all that much, just seeing what's going on. It's going to be real comfortable. Things are going real well, and we're going to build this team up and do real well."

Due to the fact the Gamecocks had been far out in the lead in the race to receive Higgs signature, Purdue fans didn't pay much attention to the three star SAM linebacker. Now they'll get a chance to see what he's like early and often.

"You see me, I'm very quiet. But on the field it's not me. I just get into it. I get into a game and I see the fans get into it, so I get going and make plays and it's where I feel like home. I'm actually coming up in January and I'll get in there and get some work in and learn my position."

He'll be starting school shortly after Coach Hope takes over the head coaching position officially. In a sense, the early enrollees and Coach Hope will be starting a new program together.

"My recruiting process started with a lot of the coaching staff… he let me know he's coming in, and I'll be there right after he's the official head coach. He's a real great guy."

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