Q & A: Safety Commit Ishmael Aristide

The Floridian was the first Boilermaker commitment. He opens up about his commitment, his relationships with other commits, future plans, and more.

BSR: Alright Ishmael, what was it that made you choose Purdue?

Ishmael Aristide: Pretty much the fact, like I said, when I got hurt they stayed around. They didn't back off. The injury (a torn ACL and meniscus) wasn't a factor, and it showed me about the character of the coaches. Location was never a factor… it was really the character of the coaches.

BSR: You're one of the ten commits from Florida coming in to Purdue. What's that going to be like for you?

Ishmael: It's going to be cool. It'll be a real good thing. We'll bring a lot of speed and talent up there. We got a lot of talent down here, so it'll be a real good thing getting them some Florida talent up there.

BSR: Rob Henry mentioned that you two are extremely close. What's that like? How is your relationship with him and other recruits if you've been in contact with them?

Ishmael: Oh we're real cool. Real, real cool. I know a bunch of the guys committed. I talk to Gary Bush, Xavier Reese. I'm real cool with Josh Johnson though, because he was the first recruit I talked that was committed to Purdue.

BSR: So what is that going to do for all of you in terms of being ready to go when you're all in West Lafayette?

Ishmael: We're already all cool. It'll develop a bond and develop a family. As football players, you got to play for each other and not be selfish. I think mentally we'll already have that coming in. We'll have that coming in and be a close knit group.

BSR: Away from that, what are the coaches telling you about your future position? What are you looking to do when you get to Purdue?

Ishmael: Pretty much just shut up and go wherever I need to go. That's the type of player I am. My high school coaches, that's what I've been taught and at home as well. I trust the coaches, and trust they're going to make the best decision.

BSR: You already took your official visit during the season. Tell me what type of experience that was like for you.

Ishmael: I was up there for the Minnesota game. It was fun. They definitely welcomed me. My host was cool and I had a lot of fun. I didn't expect it to be wild and out of control, and the coaches were real respectful and I liked that. It was business like.

BSR: Is that something that you were looking for? A business like type atmosphere?

Ishmael: Exactly, exactly! Me and Coach Hope have formed a real close relationship in more ways than you can imagine. He and Coach Williams already came down to see me, so all that was left was going to see.

BSR: Finally for you Ishmael, what are your plans as far as enrollment? Are you going to be coming in early, or during the summer?

Ishmael: I'm getting up there as early as I can in the summer because I'm going to run track this year.

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