Q & A: Defensive Tackle Eric McDaniel

The mammoth defensive tackle spoke with BSR about his commitment, West Lafayette, and his other plans.

BSR: Eric, you've obviously committed to become a Boilermaker. What were some of the reasons you chose to continue your career at Purdue?

Eric McDaniel: Purdue was one of the first to offer me, and I built a good relationship with some of the coaches. I just went up there and took a liking to guys on the team, and I feel like I could fit in. I feel the town of West Lafayette is a good atmosphere, and Purdue is too, and I want a place where I can be the best I can.

BSR: Is that something that you looked for in a town then? What was it about West Lafayette for you?

Eric: I like the fact that West Lafayette is a college town. Everything around it is just Purdue. I'm not from a big city, and I like that it's like that. They had an off season this year, but they're usually in a bowl game, and they're a great academic school so I've got the best of both worlds. And they're not real deep, so I think I can come in and work hard and get a chance to play early.

BSR: To best position yourself early, is it something that you're going to try to enroll early for, or are you going to wait until the summer?

Eric:I'm going to wait until the summer. I'll probably try to arrange a time to go towards the end of May.

BSR: So then when you come in the summer, what can you say about yourself or let anyone know about you when you arrive on campus.

Eric: I just want to get up there. I'm not going to sit back and wait my turn. I'm going to try to earn a spot and earn some playing time. I want to let the town and everybody know that it wasn't a mistake to put me on a scholarship and that I'll be good for Purdue.

BSR: Moving on, have you had a chance to speak with any of your future Boiler teammates?

Eric: I haven't got a chance to talk to anyone yet. It'll be good. After signing day, I'll know who I'll room with and I'll be able to get in touch with them. I'm so excited to get up there and get going.

BSR: Lastly for you Eric, tell us a little something about you on the football field that many may not know yet.

Eric: For a big guy, I can run and change direction real well. I think a lot of people will be surprised at how big I am for a 300 pound guy. I got to work on my hands at Purdue, but I think when I do, I can be a big help.

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