Q & A: BBall Commit Travis Carroll

2010 Center and Purdue basketball commit goes into detail about his relationships with future teammates, and why he chose to be a Boiler.

BSR: Travis, what are some of the reasons that you chose to become a Boilermaker?

Travis Carroll: My freshman year when they came and watched me, I always really remembered that as a positive thing. I've played with the players and the players coming in, and it's a positive. It's a really good atmosphere.

BSR: There are a lot of Indiana prospects committed to Matt Painter and the basketball program. Have you had the chance to talk with anyone or build any personal relationships?

Travis: DJ and I are in the same conference, so I talk to him a lot. Terone and I played together in 7th grade in AAU, so I've known him since then.

BSR: This years basketball team has been impressive so far. What has stood out to you in terms of the progress the current team has made?

Travis: I like how they've bounced back after losses. They're effort is always good. It's unbelievable how they're hustling, like going after loose balls and stuff.

BSR: When you've had the chance to talk to Coach Painter and the rest of the coaching staff, what have they said to you about how they're going to utilize you when you get to West Lafayette?

Travis: I'm a true post player, and that's what he's looking for me to do up there. It's my forte.

BSR: When's the next chance you'll get to make it to Mackey to see a game?

Travis: Hopefully sometime this Christmas break. I'm looking to get a game in during then.

BSR: Have you done any recruiting yourself for your future program?

Travis: When Terone got his offer, I already committed and I talked to him about it. I knew how good he was, so I was really glad he committed.

BSR: What's it going to be like for you at the next level to play with other kids who you've known for so long and built up such a chemistry with?

Travis: It's going to be a real good experience. I know how they play, so we already have all this talent and I'm really looking forward to it.

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