Q & A: 2009 BBall Commit D.J. Byrd

A long time ago, D.J. Byrd jumped on the chance to become a Boilermaker. As the time nears for his enrollment, he caught up with BSR to talk about a few things.

BSR: D.J., you're the class of '09, you've already signed your letter of intent, and you're about to enroll at Purdue. What were some of the things that helped you back when you made your decision to become a Boiler?

D.J. Byrd: The number one thing would be Coach Painter and the whole coaching staff. I've had a good relationship with them from the beginning. And I really like the players they've got now.

BSR: Not too long ago you took your official visit to see West Lafayette and get more of an in-depth feel on what it's like to be a college student. What was that experience like?

D.J. My official visit went great. All the other guys, Jeff Robinson and Kelsey Barlow, came around. We went to the football game and got to get to know what it'll be like next year.

BSR: In hanging out with your official teammates, and knowing them for an extended period of time, how is that going to help you and the rest of the guys at the next level?

D.J. Some kids come into college and don't know what it's really like to click with other players. We'll be able to come in and know each other, and it'll give us a head start on other teams.

BSR: For some Boiler fans that may not be familiar with you, tell a little bit about yourself on the floor and what things Coach Painter has talked to you about.

D.J. I like to shoot and do a lot of things offensively. He's going to get me better defensively. And I want to stay at a good weight, like 205 or 210. He really wants to use me like a 2 or 3 guard.

BSR: Lastly for you D.J., this years team has had a lot of success so far. What kind of impact does that have on you?

D.J. It really gives me a lot of confidence and at the same time motivates me to work harder so that why I can come in and make an impact.

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