Q & A: Jeff Robinson

Purdue 2009 basketball commit Jeff Robinson caught up with BSR for the latest Q&A segment. Read on to see his thoughts!

BSR: Alright Jeff, the time is almost near for you to get up to West Lafayette. For a bit of a back-story, explain why you chose to attend Purdue.

Jeff Robinson: The reason I chose Purdue was because it was a comfortable visit, and they made me comfortable. The offense, the style of play, it fit me really well from what I saw. And the school, it's really close to home.

BSR: Is being close to home something you were looking at as a selling point when you made your decision?

Jeff: With me being close to home, I won't be so homesick, because I was raised family first. I've been around family my entire life, which helps.

BSR: We've talked to several of the guys coming in, and all of them have touched on how close you guys are. Explain what that's like and how you guys stay in contact.

Jeff: We're all pretty close guys. We've hung out playing together and playing against each other. We text and call each other and see how they're doing in school, and the basketball seasons, and all team stuff.

BSR: What's that going to be like when you're all on the team together in West Lafayette?

Jeff: Being so close to the guys that you'll be with will help. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses and being able to help them out and have them help you out.

BSR: Recently you came on your official visit with a couple of the other guys. What type of experience was that for you?

Jeff:It was a really good visit. They showed us a really good time. They treated us like we were apart of the team already and it was just a great atmosphere. Seeing other students, and knowing we were coming next year, and having them follow us is a really good time.

BSR: What are some of the things the coaching staff are telling you to prepare for when you get to campus?

Jeff: All the coaches are preaching to me about strength and being more physically fit for the Big Ten. I won't be playing with little kids anymore. Everyone is adults and more physically mature. I'll be a big small forward basically, and I'll have to be able to guard guys smaller or bigger than me. I have to be an inside and out player, very versatile.

BSR: Lastly for you, Jeff, this years team has seen a lot of success so far on the court. What's that like for you as you prepare to arrive in a few months time?

Jeff: I like that they're winning games, which is a good thing. A lot of kids are committed to programs that aren't winning much. But to be committed to a school that's winning games and looking good is a positive. Hopefully next year the system keeps working with all the guys we got coming in next year.

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