Does Bowers Have A Leader?

One of the top 2010 Illinois prospects updates BSR on his recruitment and where it stands.

Giorgio Bowers is a name that many people will have to get familiar with. Not even past the 2009 signing period for seniors, Bowers is a junior in the class of 2010 who has recently started exploding onto the scene. One university who has taken notice of the talented back from the Chicago area, is the Purdue Boilermakers, whom Bowers visited for their battle against the University of Michigan.

"It was my first visit to any university" Bowers told BSR. "I liked the atmosphere. It may not be as big as a Michigan, but I mean, the fans were crazy and it was just a great feeling. I also like the practice facility and weight room… that was nice. When I was driving to the stadium, I believe it was the main street where all the students are, it was really cool."

Though he has received interest across the board from several BCS schools, he hasn't received that elusive scholarship offer.

"I haven't got any offers yet, but I sent my film out to numerous schools. I haven't got feedback from all of them yet, so I'm looking forward to getting some feedback."

While Bowers hasn't received an offer or feedback from every school, several have showed interest so far, including the Boilermakers.

"Coach Hagan from Purdue of course. UCLA received my film, but I'm not sure if they watched it yet. I sent it to Arizona but it cracked, so he said he'd be back to meet me and grab my film."

Even though he's interested in several other schools than just those who have showed interest, he has the Boilers firmly in the lead in the early race for the tough back.

"I'm really interested in Vanderbilt. Maybe Missouri. Some SEC or Big 12 schools. As of now, number one on my list is Purdue. I've talked to the coaches and gotten feedback, and they really like me as an athlete, so they're number one right now. Other than that, Arizona and UCLA. I haven't heard anything from Illinois, but I'm not really interested in them or staying in state."

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