Q & A: Kelsey Barlow

Another member of Purdue's signed basketball class joins BSR for yet another installment of the Q & A session.

BSR: Alright Kelsey, for those that don't know why, explain a little as to why you chose the Boilermakers.

Kelsey Barlow: Pretty much the recent success, and the guys they've been recruiting. The coaches, like Matt Painter as well. The proximity to home is real nice. They're trying to do big things which I approve of.

BSR: You and several of your future teammates were in town a little bit ago for your official visits. What was that like for you?

Kelsey: It was a pretty good experience. Getting to hang out with the players and coaches at Coach Painters house. Going to the football game, and going to an open gym and playing with the guys and seeing what they do. Hanging out with them too to see what they do in their spare time.

BSR: Several of your future teammates have all touched on how close all of you are, especially Terone Johnson. What's that going to be like when you get to West Lafayette?

Kelsey: It's going to be good. We've known each other since like 4th grade. To know people that you trust on and off the court is good.

BSR: How is that going to translate to the court?

Kelsey: I definitely think it's going to help us with communication, because we won't shy away from each other. We'll work harder together.

BSR: When do you get onto campus officially?

BSR: I"ll be there the first week of June for summer classes and work out.

BSR: What do you plan on doing when you get to campus on the court? What kind of plans does Coach Painter have for you?

Kelsey: I just want to do what the coaches tell me to do, and make a positive impact. I'll be playing the 2ish, and if I get in, just play an overall game.

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