Q & A: DT Commit Xavier Melton

The mammoth defensive tackle explains in-depth his Boilermaker plans, the rest of his future, and his time spent as an under the radar recruit.

BSR: Alright Xavier, you've made your decision to attend Purdue. What were the reasons behind the commitment?

Xavier Melton: I felt like it was a good decision for me and my future. I really liked Purdue when I went up on my visit and so that's why I chose them.

BSR: When did you get to visit West Lafayette? What type of experience was that for you?

Xavier: I went up a few weeks ago and I had a good time. The academics were outstanding, and I met Coach Hope, and he's really going to win.

BSR: When you met Coach Hope, what kind of conversation did you have with him about you coming in next year?

Xavier: I'm going to be playing defensive line, coming in as a true freshman. They'll have me work hard and work my way onto the field.

BSR: You're an under the radar type of recruit according to most services. What does that do for you? What kind of player are you that had you draw interest from several schools?

Xavier: The way I play… I play really aggressively, and the way I move. Some of the coaches said they haven't seen a big guy move that fast. It doesn't really bother me that I'm under the radar, because it makes me more competitive and it'll make me work harder.

BSR: Is that something that you're going to feed off of? Do you appreciate it more, than say being a top flight recruit with all sorts of pressure to perform?

Xavier: Yeah, it doesn't really bother me. I like being the under dog. Now I can show you what I can do, and I'll be a surprise.

BSR: Moving on, you're one of the double digit commits to the Boilers from the state of Florida. What's that going to be like for you?

Xavier: It's going to be fantastic. I have guys from my state. We're filled with speed. We should bond together because we're all from Florida, so it's going to be an awesome time.

BSR: When do you plan on making it to campus in official capacity?

Xavier: I'm going to come up the week after I graduate.

BSR: Last question for you Xavier. What expectations do you have of yourself when you do make it to campus and officially become a Boilermaker?

Xavier: I plan to come in and work hard. I'm going to work my way on to the field, work hard in the classroom, and work hard in the weight room. You have to work hard.

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