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Evan Epstein a C/NG for Dallas Bishop Lynch is a prospect to keep an eye on. He's already garnered scholarship offers from "Army, North Texas, Rice and a few others." Epstein has the tools to be a good player in college on either side of the ball after clocking an impressive forty time at the SMU summer camp. We talk offers, those close to offering, his favorites and more inside…

Evan Epstein has the ideal size/speed package you're looking for from an offensive line/defensive tackle prospect. Epstein also boasts impressive strength numbers. He will garner playing time on both sides of the ball for Dallas Bishop Lynch this season. "We run a 50 defense and I line up at nose guard but we're always moving around a lot so we're pretty multiple in the fronts we line up in. Epstein also plays center for Bishop Lynch and is being recruited right now more so as a C/NG than at any other position. Epstein offers a lot of value as a recruit, having the versatility to play any of the OL positions as well as defense. Measuring in at 6-foot-4, 285 pounds and running a 4.95 forty makes Epstein D-I ready even now.

He currently possesses official scholarship offers from Army, Navy, North Texas, Rice, UNLV and a few others he said he could not think of off the top of his head.

Schools that appear to be very close to offering?

"Arizona, Purdue, UCLA, Northwestern have said they're very interested but that they'd like to see a little more," Epstein said, offering some very pertinent recruiting information.

While he admits he has a bit of an infatuation with the academic schools (a la "SMU, Cal, Northwestern and Rice") he said he's currently open at the moment. So we grabbed his thoughts on the three who have official offered below…

On the Mustangs: "Close to Dallas, campus is beautiful, wonderful facilities, academically sound and their football program is getting better every year. Also, they're in Conference USA now and I really like that conference."

On the Owls: "One of the best schools in the country academically and academics are probably the most important factor I am looking at right now. Also, I like the fact that they're in Conference USA and one of the top teams in the conference. And they're really hard to beat academically. Plus they're in Texas."

On Army: "Great facilities, great education and great benefits. It's just an awesome opportunity. Plus, my grandfather who played for Notre Dame was in the Marines and also played for them too. Plus I really like the coaches there."

On the Mean Green: "A few of my high school coaches played for North Texas. And, I just think Todd Doge is great coach. Plus the North Texas coaches have been talking to me a lot. And then add to the fact that right now there are a lot of great expectations coming out of North Texas because of Todd Doge being there and they have a really good shot too."

JR Season Stats : "Over 100 pancake blocks, no sacks allowed, 2-3 holding penalties and no false starts."

Weight Room Numbers : "400 Bench, 300 Incline, 285 Power Clean, 575 Squat."

Other Sports : "I have wrestled in the heavyweight division and was a two-time state champion in freestyle and Greco-Roman."

Academics : "3.9 GPA, 1820 SAT (1220 Math/Reading)."

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