The "X" Factor

Montgomery athlete Xavier Webb has been the "X" factor so far for his team this year. His playmaking skills have led the Bears off to a fast start behind his 450 yards passing and his 453 rushing yards. I caught up with one of Greater Houston's best dual threat athletes to discuss the Bear's season and his commitment to Rice.

If Xavier Webb were 3 inches taller he would likely be on every school in the Big 12's recruiting radar. Thank God he's not – because the coaches at Rice are thrilled to have his commitment, choosing to focus on his abilities more so than on his height. Webb has not gone totally unnoticed – he's still getting mail from several schools including Texas A&M, Army (offer), Louisiana Tech, Iowa, and Boston College. I spoke with Xavier last night to get his thoughts…

Xavier, how's your season going?

"It's going pretty good. We need to get our defense playing better – which we've done this week in practice."

Obviously you are making a lot of plays from your QB spot. Are you playing any defense?

"Yes, I play Free Safety in situations where we need a key stop on defense. Rice is recruiting me to play there too."

With the numbers you are putting up on offense have you and the (Rice) coaches talked about playing QB at all?

"No not really. I'm just playing football right now. They said that I might have a chance to play early because injuries happen and they might need me anyway."

What team do you consider your toughest opponent in Montgomery's district?

"Probably Brenham because we haven't beaten them. Caney Creek matches up with us pretty well though so we really want to beat them too."

You have a former teammate at Rice Jake Hicks. Do you guys talk much?

"Yeah we talked at homecoming, but not a whole lot about football. He's red shirting at Rice."

Do you have an official visit lined up for Rice yet?

"No not yet. I've already been there a couple times. I went to the Spring Game there."

Rice is struggling a bit this season, how do you feel about the Owls and your commitment?

"I talked to Coach (Craig) Naivar today and he put Coach Bailiff on after we talked. Coach Bailiff told me he was excited to have me coming to join them next year because they are trying to build a good program there. He said injuries had been a big problem for them this year and that several of the starters have been hurt. He asked me if I still felt good about coming to Rice and I told him yes, definitely."

Ok Xavier, good luck tomorrow night and with the rest of the season. We'll check back with you in a couple weeks to see how your season is going.

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