Lewis Solid to Owls: I Never Faltered

I spoke with Baton Rouge Catholic HS QB Ryan Lewis about questions swirling around his commitment to Rice last night. Lewis was very open in our conversation and had this to say…

Ryan Lewis (6-3 201 4.61) was considered the "quarterback of the future" for Rice when he gave his verbal commitment to Rice coaches last July. The Owls were seemingly set at the position and done recruiting QB's for the 2008 Class. Then he took a trip to West Lafayette, Indiana to check out Purdue. Turns out the trip was just that – a chance to travel to a campus and see a part of the country that Lewis had never been to. So did the visit change his mind about Rice? Ryan's reply was, "Actually I was solid in my commitment to Rice all along; I never faltered at all. I told the coaches after the trip that I was coming Rice."

Okay Owls, off the ledge and cease the hand wringing; unless something changes Ryan Lewis will be signing with the Owls come February. With the question of his commitment answered I discussed Ryan's season and what he brings to the Owl offense next year.

How did your season go at Catholic?

"We did okay I guess. We made it to the second round of the playoffs but lost to Dutchtown. I finished the season 70 of 134 with about 1100 yards passing. I threw for 10 touchdowns and ran for another 7. We didn't throw the ball much this year, we ran more option veer."

What are your strengths as a player?

"I think I improvise pretty well. I like to make something happen on every play. If I can't find an open receiver I can run the ball pretty well. I also think I throw pretty well. Overall I'm a pretty balanced quarterback."

You're also a pretty good baseball player – you'll be playing both at Rice?

"Yes sir, I plan on playing both. I'm a pretty good hitter and will probably play in the outfield at Rice. I hit .512 in district last year. I play right field for my team right now. Hitting is probably the best part of my game."

You committed to Rice last July. Why did you choose the Owls?

"I just really like the coaches. Coach Miller recruited me and they told me they like to have fun playing the game - even in practicing. I like their attitude. That's important to me because that's the reason I play sports – to have fun playing them. I also liked the fact that I could play baseball and football at Rice."

Have the coaches talked to you about playing time?

"Yes sir, they didn't promise me anything. They said I would have a shot a playing time so I'm preparing myself to be ready when I head to Houston next summer."

What did you think about the Owls' offense this year?

"I really liked it. I think I'll fit into what they do pretty well. I like to run the ball just as well as throw it."

When will you be coming to campus?

"I'll be there January 17th for my official visit. I'll probably report next June for summer classes and weight lifting."

That last sentence is the news we've all wanted to hear – welcome to Rice Ryan!

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