Ryan Lewis: I Know I Picked the Right School

Baton Rouge Catholic QB Ryan Lewis officially visited Rice over the weekend. What did he think of the school and the players on the team?

Ryan Lewis committed to Rice way back in July after being recruited by Rice Offensive Line Coach Blake Miller. Coach Miller knows his way around Baton Rouge having spent a few years in Tiger Stadium himself as an All American Offensive Lineman at LSU. When he saw Ryan Lewis he knew he found a player that could run the Rice offense. In fact, the coaches told Lewis he would be their quarterback of the future. He committed shortly thereafter. The Owls haven't recruited another quarterback since - and despite a trip to Purdue back in October Lewis has been firmly committed to Owls since giving his pledge. He had been to camp at Rice last summer and returned this past weekend, making his official visit.

I spoke with Ryan tonight after he got home from baseball practice (his first scrimmage is February 2nd) to get his thoughts about his commitment and his visit to the Rice campus. He told me he's currently 6-3 and 201 pounds...

You made your offical visit to Rice this weekend Ryan. When did you arrive?

I got to Houston at about 1:30 and Coach Miller and Coach Herman picked me up at the airport. I had meetings with professors Friday afternoon.

Who was your host this weekend?

"I was hosted by Chase Clement, which was great because I got to talk with him about the offense and everyday life as a student-athlete. We talked about protections, route combinations, aubibles and anything that might be challenging for me to grasp in the offense. He made me feel a lot more comfortable about learning the offense."

Did you and Chase hang out quite a bit?

"Yes sir, Friday night we played video games and I met a lot of the players. I met David Berken who's also from Louisiana, Jimmy Miller, and running back Justin Hill. I really liked all the players, they all seem like a great bunch of guys."

Did you meet any of the other recruits this weekend?

"Yes,sir I met Luke Wilson and Michael Patterson. Luke is from Canada and he's huge, probably 6-6 and about 240. He really likes Rice and we talked about maybe playing together here. He's visiting Stanford and Washington State too though. He couldn't believe how nice things were at Rice. I think he might end up coming here too."

"Did you tell him you needed a bifg target to throw to?"

"(Laughs) Yeah we were kidding around saying stuff like that."

"Did you meet any other players on the team?"

"Yes sir, we all went bowling Saturday night and it was a great time. I really liked evryone I met. I got to talk to Jarett Dillard some, he was on a panel of players that answered a bunch of questions for us."

"What did you do on Saturday?"

"Saturday we got to have positions meetings with our coaches. Coach Herman and I watched film and I got to learn a little more about the offense. I think I fit really well in the offense Rice runs. They run quite a bit of Zone Read, which fits my ability well to run and pass the ball."

"Have any other schools contacted you about visits or reconsidering your commit to Rice?"

"No sir, I pretty much told them all a long time ago that I was coming to Rice, so they finally stopped calling."

"What impressed you the most about your visit to Rice?"

"Probably the fact that everybody associated with the program, from the equipment managers on, has a real passion for making Rice a championship program."

"So when will you report to Rice?"

"I'll be reporting on June the 6th I believe. I think I'll be wearing number 10, but I told them it doesn't really matter."

"What do you think you need to work on before you report?"

"I'm going to focus on getting bigger and stronger. I'd like to improve my arm strength too. I plan on throwing the ball a lot."

"So what impact did your trip have upon your thoughts about playing football at Rice?"

"I really had a great trip. I like the offense a whole lot and the players on the team even more. I know I picked the right school."

Judging from my conversation tonight I can see why the coaches are excited about having Ryan Lewis committed to the program. Looks like the offense will be in good hands...

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