Estes Checking Out the Owls

With the Owl's Junior Day approaching, several recruits will hit the Rice Campus for the first time this weekend to check out the school and the excitement being generated over at Rice Stadium...

Cedar Park LB Tanner Estes is headed to Houston this weekend for the Rice Owl Junior Day. Estes like many others is interested in the academic reputation of Rice but also intrigued by the excitement of a football program that's quietly gaining momentum. I spoke with him Monday night in Cedar Park.

What are you looking for in a school Tanner?

"Like a lot of guys I just want to play football. I love the game. I'm looking for a good education also. Rice is a school that seems to offer both."

How is recruiting going for you?

"Its' going okay. I'm attending some Junior Days and will attend some of the combines. I'm planning on going to camp this summer at Rice, North Texas, and Texas A&M. Maybe UTEP too, I get a lot of stuff from them."

Who all are you hearing from?

"I get letters from a lot of the C-USA schools - UTEP, Rice, North Texas, Baylor, TCU, and a lot from the Ivy League and Service Academies."

Do you have a favorite school?

"I grew up liking Texas A&M. I like to hunt and fish and I think I fit in pretty well there. But I'm going to go through the recruiting process and see what happens."

So being from Cedar Park - do you know the Smith brothers who went to Rice?

"Yeah they were both pretty awesome football players at Cedar Park. Everyone knows about them."

Tanner Estes Profile

Estes is a very active linebacker and was 1st Team All District 14-5A last year as a junior. He looks great on film and at 6-1 205 plays a lot bigger than he is. He plays WLB at Cedar Park but also steps up on the line and rushes the QB a lot. We'll stay in touch with this promising recruit as his recruitment continues...

Inside the Numbers

Tanner Estes

Height/Weight - 6-1 207

40 - 4.67 seconds

Vertical - 32.5"

Bench - 275

Squat - 360

Junior Stats - 90 tackles, 20 TFL, 4 forced fumbles - 2 recovered, 8 sacks, 1 pass deflection.

Tanner will be attending the Combine in Dallas on April 19th. He has a 4.5 GPA...

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