Rice First To Offer Grametbaur

Though his New Braunfels teammate has attracted most of the attention from college recruiters - Unicorn defender Ryan Grametbaur is starting to gain his share of the spotlight...

Though not exactly unnoticed, New Braunfels' Ryan Grametbaur hadn't gained any college football scholarship offers in 2008, though he was receiving heavy interest from several Big 12 schools. Rice changed that last week when they became the first to offer the Unicorn standout. Rice coaches extended the offer through Grametbaur's head coach at New Braunfels, Chuck Caniford. Though pleased with the offer, Grametbaur is just starting to gain some of the attention his teammate Tom Wort has (Wort just committed to OU last night) and will wait a while to make up his mind.

Grametbaur gave us an update on recruiting last night, including his current favorites.

You just received an offer from Rice - tell us about that...

"It really kind of surprised me - it came out of nowhere really. I haven't visited there, but my coach told me the Rice coaches had called with an offer."

Do you have a group of favorites?

"I'd say Kansas, A&M, OU, OSU, and Rice. I like Kansas and A&M the most right now."

Tell us what you like about each...

Kansas - "I really like the season they just had and I like the linebackers coach there. I'm going up to there camp this summer."

Texas A&M - "I like the tradition at A&M. I've been to 2 Junior Days there, one last year and then again this year. Things were a lot better at the one this year. I'm going to camp there too."

Oklahoma - "I don't konw that much about Oklahoma but they've been asking my teammate (recent commit Tom Wort) about me. I'd like to go check them out. Me and Tom have talked a lot about going to the same school."

Oklahoma State - "I get tons of letters from them but don't know much about them."

Rice - "I haven't been to their campus yet but I've heard good things about their staff." (Surprisingly, Grametbaur had no idea that Rice's David Bailiff had once been head coach at New Braunfels)

Who are your favorites?

"I'd say Kansas and A&M right now"

When will you make a decision?

"I'd like to have one made by the time our season starts, but I have a lot places I want to check out so it may not happen until I feel the time is right."

Ryan Grametbaur Profile

Height/Weight - 6-2 205

Position - Linebacker/Safety

40 yd. speed - 4.5 seconds

Junior Stats - 171 tackles, 75 solo, 7 tackles for a loss, 1 sack, 1 blocked punt, 4 touchdowns on offense.

Though Grametbaur played alongside Wort at linebacker last year he will move to safety this fall. I asked how he felt about the switch. "I actually think I have a better body type to play safety. Most schools aren't aware of the switch though and are recruiting me as a linebacker."

It seems at this juncture that Rice knows a little more about Grametbaur than he about them. Ryan told me he'd really like to go to the same school as his buddy Tom Wort. As stated here, Wort has reportedly committed to OU, so for the two to go to the same school the question becomes "Will OU offer Grametbaur?" I get the feeling his decision will take some time as the process is just beginning for him. Let's hope he'll check out Rice (hopefully with his parents) before he makes his final decision.

The simple solution of course would be for Wort to come to Rice - that would allow both to come to the same school...

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