Rice Academics Key in Gaining Commit #2

It may have been his only offer, but it was "the big one". And though the chance to get on the field had some bearing on the decision, it was the classroom and prestige of a Rice education that eventually made his committment seem right. OwlDigest has the update.

It didn't take long for Fort Bend (TX) Hightower defensive back Alex Francis to put a halt to the recruiting process and give Rice coaches a call to say "I'm in". Because after talking it over with his family, Francis decided that the Owls were the right choice.

"My parents and I discussed it and felt that it was too good to pass up," Francis said. "This is an opportunity for my future so I called coach (Craig) Naivar and committed. I am going to call coach (David) Bailiff tonight."

The 5-foot-9, 170-pound Francis claims that the Owls were his lone offer. He also was talking some to SMU as well. In the end, it was the academics and opportunity to get on the field that led to the early summer decision.

"Just the academics alone was enough for me to commit," Francis said. "It is one of the top programs in the nation and I feel that more doors will open for me after college, with a degree from Rice. But also the opportunity to play early and more is good also."

Francis is on campus today for the Owls football camp but will not participate due to a hamstring injury that isn't quite healed. "I'm doing rehab and physical therapy on it" Francis told Owl Digest. He finished last season with one interception and "averaged about five tackles a game."

Stay tuned to Owl Digest as we follow up with Francis for more in-depth information.

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