Briggs Knew Rice Was The Place

After participating in the June 6th Mini Camp at Rice Stadium LB Trey Briggs had a strong feeling he was at the place where he would play his college football…

I caught up with Jersey Village Linebacker Trey Briggs Sunday night; just hours after he called Rice coaches to let them know he would be a Rice Owl.

What was the response when you called the Rice coaches?

" I talked to Coach Naivar first and he was real excited. He said he was real fired up about 10 times. I called Coach Bailiff and he was just real happy. He said I was part of the family now and how glad he was to have me coming to the program."

When we talked a while back you sounded at the time like Rice was your favorite. When did you decide to commit?

"I pretty much knew Rice was where I was going after their camp. It came down really to them and SMU. I wanted an outstanding education so I focused on schools where I felt like I could get one. Rice is the Harvard of the South so an education from there can't be beat."

You went to SMU Camp this past weekend – did you have a tough time making a choice?

"No my mind was pretty much made up. I didn't really want to go up there but my parents made me honor my commitment to the SMU staff that I was coming. I've been up to SMU 3 or 4 times already so I pretty much already knew what they had to offer. I was telling guys up there my mind was made up so they pretty much told me I needed to go ahead and commit. So I did."

You had a few injuries last year that slowed you down; what was the nature of the injuries and are you healed now?

" I had bone spurs in both of my ankles that would rub together when I ran. I would play a while then have to go sit out until they (the pain) would calm down. I played all year but I couldn't go the whole game without coming out. I had them (bone spurs) removed and now I feel great."

What do you know about the Rice defense and what do you look forward to when you get into the program?

"The 4-2-5 is different than what I'm used to at Jersey Village but I think it will be a fun defense to play in. The coaches told me they were looking for fast Linebackers and that they like to blitz a lot – and I love to blitz so I think it will be a good fit for me."

Your teammate Bobby Janisch attended camp at Rice also – any chance he'll be coming to Rice too?

"I can't really speak for him but I know that he likes Rice a lot. I talked to him before I committed today and he said he was thinking about making a decision too. We've talked about rooming together there so that would be cool if he did. I'm not sure he's made up his mind yet though so we'll see what happens."

(Another Jersey Village star coming to Rice? Could be…)

Trey Briggs – Inside the Numbers

Height 6-1 ½

Weight 214 pounds as of Sunday

40 yard dash 4.54 seconds

Pro Shuttle 4.28 seconds

Vertical Jump 33 inches

Bench Press 335 pounds

Squat 485 pounds

Briggs will be majoring in Business at Rice. He also Deep Snaps for the Falcons and his coach (JV Head Coach David Snokhaus) believes he could have gotten a scholarship for that alone – he has tremendous velocity and ball placement.

Go Owls!

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