Thursday Tidbits

June was a very good month for Rice Owl Football coaches. They hauled in one big, athletic football commit after another it seemed. We look at what's left on the wish list, who just committed, and who might commit soon...

I don't know about you but I don't think I've ever been as excited about Rice Football as I am right now!

Players, recruits, and coaches alike are electrified with the excitement being generated by the results of off-season conditioning, the arrival of the 2008 Signing Class, and committments of a what is a sparkling beginning to the 2009 Signing Class. 2008 is a season of hope and promise to say the least.

A comment I've heard a lot in recent days is, "we've never had this much size in the program ever. Never."

And one thing's for sure, the Rice staff has certainly addressed the line-of scrimmage: the Offensive Line class in place is probably the biggest, if not most talented, in Owl memory. And rumor is there may be one more waiting to join that group. With Defensive Ends like Josh Skinner, Cody Bauer, and recent enrollee Arnaud Gascon-Nadon the Owls look to be in great shape at the position for the future. Heck, LB Nic Hammett is bigger than some of the Defensive Ends Rice has had in recent times.

And they can all run. Pure greatness!

What's left for Rice is adding some speed and skill to this group and the Owls will have themselves one of the finest recruiting hauls in years. (ever?)

We'd love to report commits from Andre Brackens, Kolby Gray, Broderick Jackson, Donte Foster, or Darius Miller...Owl coaches are working hard on making that happen.

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